Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Shows Why Xbox Will Really Benefit From Activision’s Acquisition by Microsoft

Published 10/31/2022, 11:04 AM EDT

The latest offering in the Call of Duty saga is finally here and every hardcore fan can now experience it on their preferred console. While the PlayStation and PC release for Modern Warfare II has been amazing, it has also pushed the popularity of the Xbox even further.

Simply put, Call of Duty Modern Warfare II’s addition on the Xbox has boosted its craze among the fans. Especially when it comes to the products by Activision in general. An insider recently noticed the impact of the publisher’s games on Microsoft’s console. He mentioned how the proposed acquisition by the company might actually help the device in the future.


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Call of Duty Modern Warfare II’s launch proves how Xbox will get a boost from Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision

There’s been a lot going on regarding the proposed acquisition by the Xbox maker. Ever since Microsoft announced the deal with Activision, back in January 2022, Sony has been trying to make sure it doesn’t get approved by regulatory authorities. The PlayStation maker has mentioned its own reasons for why it won’t be good for a competitive market.

Keeping other things aside, one point that can be considered is that Xbox may eventually get a boost from Activision titles if Microsoft is able to seal the deal by next year. How?


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Recently, Benji on Twitter, mentioned that Call of Duty Modern Warfare II, along with other Activision games, has emerged among “3 of the top 4 most played games on Xbox in the United States.”


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Per Benji, it looks like Xbox players are more inclined towards Activision titles compared to other developers or publishers. Only Fortnite is an exception, coming from Epic Games.

Simply put, Xbox has managed to attract users who want to enjoy Activision games on the console. And with the newest Call of Duty, they are probably having a great time. Perhaps that’s the reason why the top three games on the device in the US are from Activision only.


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What are your thoughts on the current scenario? Do you believe Xbox will actually benefit more after the deal is complete? Let us know in the comments down below.

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