The wait for Zombies in this year’s Call of Duty has been stretching a little now. However, it won’t be long before players can actually dive into Sledgehammer’s title to experience the undead in all their ‘haunting glory’. Now, a latest claim from a trusted insider will only increase the hype for Zombies in the upcoming premium offering!

Activision is leaving no stone unturned in promoting Modern Warfare III. So much so that it has now started trending on social media on a daily basis while approaching an official release date. That being said, the inclusion of Zombies is what makes it a unique game in the entire franchise. According to a reliable scooper, the version of Modern Warfare Zombies is going to be nothing less than impressive.

Insider’s deleted post reveals Zombies will be awesome in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III


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RalphsValve is one of the most trusted scoopers when it comes to COD-related news. He always keeps leaking major stuff ahead of a new title’s release. This year, too, he has continued this tradition. However, he deleted his own posts shortly after sharing them, without explanation.

Talking about Ralph’s recent post on X, he shared an interesting take on Zombies in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. While making a bold claim, he wrote that Zombies in Sledgehammer’s title will unleash the “most absorbing experience” so far.

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Ralph tried to imply that the devs from Treyarch have really put their efforts in making MWZ an enjoyable mode. And that they have done it with the help of an improved AI behavior, according to the deleted post.

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For the uninitiated, Treyarch will be the lead developing studio on Call of Duty 2024. Going by the rumors, it might be the next Black Ops installment. Now considering Ralph’s claim, it looks like Treyarch will present an excellent Zombies experience not only in MWIII but also in its own game too.

Modern Warfare III has more in store for fans!

If anyone thought Zombies are the only USP of Sledgehammer’s game, think again. Fans will receive many other surprises as well when MWIII releases.

To begin with, they will get to have a new Carry Forward feature. Through this, players will be able to continue using their purchased bundles and cosmetics from the current title Modern Warfare II.


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Moreover, there will be 16 remastered maps as well, coming back from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2. To name a few, players will see the return of Wasteland, Afghan, Derail, Karachi, Quarry, Rundown, and Rust, among others.

The game will also consist of classic movement mechanics combined with fan-favorite perks. They will surely make for an amazing Multiplayer experience. What’s more? The Campaign will bring back an iconic villain, Vladimir Makarov, after more than 1o years. He will be the ultimate threat for the members of Task Force 141.


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Activision is going to organize the Call of Duty Next event this month. It will be the one stop destination for curious players to get an extended look at MWIII’s Multiplayer modes, maps, new Warzone, and also Zombies.

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