Call of Duty Players Set a World Record of the Most Kills in a Single Game

April 2, 2020 3:48 pm

Recently, a trio of Call of Duty gamers put in one of the most dominant displays in Warzone. As it turned out, they set the world record for the most kills in a single game.

Across battle royale titles, many gamers have tried to smash world record attempts for most kills in a single game. Sadly, external factors like loot or unlucky drops always get in the way of achieving these records.

However, Mark ‘Zepa’ Zepackic, ‘Lymax,’ and ‘Micka’ teamed up to wreak havoc in the arena. During the battle royale’s early days, the Australian trio employed excellent strategy to outdo the game and their opponents. As a result, they notched up an astonishing 85 kill count between themselves, which is a record in itself.

“Night after night we just keep raising the bar,” Lymax said of the accomplishment. “This time we broke our previous Trios world record with a ridiculous 85 kill game. We were so calm throughout it, had no idea until the very end that we were even close.”

How did these Call of Duty players achieve the feat?

Some of the tactics included, creative rotations, sharp comms, favourite loadouts, clutch decision-making, and more. Their gameplay even featured on the best Warzone highlights.

This is not the first time the three-man group tasted victory. In fact, they broke their own record of 78 kills, and even racked up 73 kills. Zepa, Micka and Lymax partnered a player called ‘SETZ’ during their campaign.

Zepa led the charge in the 85-bomb match with 34 kills to his name, dealing a whopping 11,222 damage. Meanwhile, Lymax claimed the last kill in the match to get his 30th elimination with 8,629 damage, along with Micka’s 21 kills and 6910 damage.

At the tail end of their video, one of them confessed that their match “felt like an average game”. Only then did they realize that they broke their record, again.

It’s this kind of dominant form that separates the best from the rest, letting the trio cap the world record three times in a row.

Getting 85 kills out of a possible 147 kills is a little over 50% of the server, meaning there’s still a ton of room for the trio to outdo themselves once again.

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