“Adderall Is Not Needed to Play Call of Duty”: COD Pro Advises Aspiring Gamers to Stay Clean and Avoid Banned Substance for Optimal Performance

Published 03/18/2023, 8:01 AM EDT

Competitive Call of Duty is filled with high stakes as there’s big money on the line, especially when it comes to the events like CDL. Moreover, the pressure of giving the best performance takes its toll on an individual in tough situations. However, some players have an unusual trick up their sleeves.

The practice of taking prohibited substances in competitive eSports tournaments has increased in recent years. Even an event like Call of Duty League is also plagued by it. Recently, a reputed COD pro player decided to express his honest opinions on those who use banned substances, to enhance their body’s output in gaming.

Doug reveals he’s not a fan of Adderall or any other performance-enhancing substance for Call of Duty


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Two-time COD national champion and captain of Boston Breach academy, Doug “Censor” Martin, took to Twitter to share his thoughts on certain substances that are used by players these days to make them perform better than others in order to dominate competitive matches. Doug mentioned a prohibited drug, Adderall while writing about why aspiring gamers should not use such shortcuts.

“Adderall is NOT needed to play Call of Duty and win at the highest level. I am 28 years old and I won all my championships NEVER taking it. If you’re an aspiring COD pro, stay clean and don’t take any shortcuts. It can ruin your life.” wrote the Call of Duty pro player.


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Doug emphasized the fact that the substance caused more harm than good. Reiterating that one can win by simply improving their skills. Further, the use of Adderall to compete in Call of Duty matches seemed a bit redundant to the pro. Giving his own example, he urged all the budding pro players to not choose such methods in their careers.

It should also be mentioned that the research on Adderall use in gamers suffering from ADHD or narcolepsy is still inconclusive. Many have argued that banning the substance or similar medication, without proper implementation, could become discriminatory towards a section of gamers.

Best to rely on those problem-solving skills!


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What are your thoughts on Doug’s tweet and his opinions about banned substances in esports? Let us know in the comments down below.

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