PlayStation Showcase 2023 has a lot of exciting reveals, including Bungie’s title Marathon. Discontinued a while ago, Bungie brought back Marathon in a big way, giving the game a Destiny-esque feel. The fan-favorite title received adoration from fans, but one prominent member of the gaming community made a bold claim about Bungie and Marathon.

During one of his streams, Call of Duty veteran Dr DisRespect claimed that Bungie’s announcement trailer for Marathon has botted views, meaning the views on the video are not authentic!

Dr DisRespect’s claims about the views on PlayStation release of Marathon


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Game trailers are often uploaded on YouTube before the games are released publicly. After Wednesday’s PlayStation Showcase, Marathon’s trailer was uploaded to YouTube by Bungie. However, Herschel Dr DisRespect Beahm IV claims the views on the video are bottled. “I’m surprised no one is calling out the Marathon game though. No one is calling them out about botting their views,said the streamer.

To support his claims, The Doc offered a comparison with the video PlayStation released on their channel for Marathon. That video got nearly 400K views. However, when Doc saw Marathon’s channel, he saw 18 million views. The jump from 400 thousand to 18 million is quite drastic.

If you look at PlayStation right, they got 389K thousand views on the trailer because that is PlayStation. That is Sony PlayStation. Then you look at Marathon, 18 million views. How many likes? How many comments?

Doc argued that even for a company that is as large as Sony and is a dominant force in the gaming community, it scores 389K in viewership numbers. Meanwhile, Marathon, a channel created recently with 25000 subscribers crosses 18 million views.

Dr DisRespect concluded that there was no way this was authentic. The channel had 25000 subscribers. Moreover, the comments on the video did not exceed 2000, nor did the number of likes greater than 10000.

What is view botting?


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View botting is a means of showing that your video is being seen by a lot of people. However, it has serious consequences. As the name implies, botting views use bots to increase views. While it is not illegal, it is frowned upon as these views show false engagement on videos.

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If Dr DisRespect’s claims are true, they will only disappoint Bungie and Marathon fans. As seen in Dr DisRespect’s video’s comments section, gamers expressed disapproval for what seems like botted views. Bungie has made no statement about the same. These claims are a substantial matter, especially since a name as significant as Dr DisRespect is making them in the gaming community.


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Marathon is under development right now and Bungie has not provided a release date yet. The game will be a PvP extraction shooter, similar to Destiny. What do you think of Dr DisRespect’s claims? Do you think the views have been botted? Let us know in the comments below!

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