Call of Duty Warzone 2: Top 5 ‘Must Try’ Loadouts After the Recent Updates

Published 01/23/2023, 11:31 AM EST

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Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 is a popular battle royale game that was recently introduced to the gaming community. Infinity Ward is currently developing the game’s second season. But, what is trending regarding Warzone 2.0 is its new update. The Warzone community has been waiting keenly for these updates and now it’s finally here.

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Call of Duty Warzone 2.0: Top 5 loadouts

In this brand-new update, there are certain load-outs that are a ‘must-try’. So here are 5 top loadouts that may bag you many victories.


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5. TAQ 56


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This assault rifle is favored by many. To optimize this particular gun, equip it with the Harbinger D20 Muzzle. Increase the bullet velocity of the muzzle to 0.81 inches and the recoil smoothness to 0.54 ounces.

For the barrel equip the 17.5″ Tundra Pro Barrel. Max out the damage range for the equipment while placing the recoil steadiness to 0.35 lbs. The apt rear grip is the FSS Combat Grip for the gun. Move the pointer towards the aiming idle stability to 0.35 width and the recoil steadiness to 0.55 ounces.

The 60 Round Mag goes well with the built. And put the 5.56 High-Velocity Ammunition. Max both bullet velocity and damage range for the ammunition.

4. RPK

One of the most popular LMGs in the game. The muzzle should be the Polarfire-S. Slightly move the recoil smoothness to 0.32 ounces and bullet velocity to 0.32 inches. The TAC 597 Barrel must be equipped with a damage range of 0.26 inches and recoil steadiness of 0.27 lbs.

Put the optic AIM OP-V4. Drag the scaling to max far and balance the flinch resistance and ADS speed at 0. The ideal rear grip is Demo X2-Grip. Change the recoil steadiness to 0.74 ounces. For Ammunition, put the 7.62 High-Velocity rounds. Max out the bullet velocity and put the damage range as 0.43 grams for the ammunition.


This is an underrated submachine gun. For this gun, put the muzzle as XTEN RR-40. Max the bullet velocity and put the recoil smoothness to 0.45 oz. The BAK-9 279MM Barrel goes well with this. Max out the aim walking speed and damage range for this attachment.

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Put in the SCHLAGER PEQ Box IV as the laser for an increase in ADS speed. Put in the Markeev R7 Stock. For the stock max out the aiming idle stability and ADS speed to -1.94 oz. The rear grip should be True-Tac Grip and change the recoil steadiness to 0.52 oz.

2. Fennec

Put in the ZLR 16.5″ Ignition Barrel and max out the recoil steadiness and slightly increase the damage range to 0.25 inches. The VLK LZR 7MW increases the ADS speed, aiming stability and sprint to fire speed. Agile Assault 7-Stock is the ideal attachment for this build. For the stock max out the aiming idle stability and slightly move the cursor to -2.06 oz.

Fennec Rubber grip is the suited rear grip. Increase the recoil steadiness to 0.42 oz. And surely put in the Fennec MAG 45.

1. TAQ-V


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One of the most used and favored weapons in the game. Put the Kastovia DX90. Increase the bullet velocity to 0.84 inches and recoil smoothness to 0.90 oz. Place the 18″ Precision -6 Barrel and max the damage range while putting the recoil steadiness at 0.39 lbs.

The AIM OP- V4 is an excellent optic for the gun. Max out the eye position to far for this. Equip the 50-round Drum for maximum bullet output. Furthermore, equip the FTAC RIPPER 46 as the under barrel. Max out the recoil stabilization and put the aiming stability at 0.23 inches for this under barrel.


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These 5 modifications will surely help you bag those kills and wins in the game.



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