Call of Duty: Warzone – Nadeshot To Go Pro Again?

August 7, 2020 11:05 pm

Warzone has been one of the most successful parts of Call of Duty history. The game recently achieved a milestone clocking in a total of 75 million players. Now, one of the pros has come out in favor of the game looking to put together some teammates.

Call of Duty: Warzone is a part of 2019’s Modern Warfare. The battle royale grew exorbitantly, just months after its launch and, as of today, ranks among the best. Folks over at Activision had already shared the excitement over the success of both Warzone and Call of Duty: Mobile.

Nadeshot wants to form a team in Call of Duty

100 Thieves founder Nadeshot took to Twitter to search for potential teammates. The former pro player has been playing Call of Duty: Warzone for a while now. He stated that he feels like he caught the competitive ‘itch’ again and wants to try being on the top of competitions.

Nadeshot received mostly positive responses from other players/streamers. Wondering who all was interested in joining Nadeshot? Save the hassle. We’ve got you covered. You can read the replies down below.

Major overhauls in the game

The game has been getting better and Activision has tried implementing many elements to make the overall experience better. New skins, operators, maps, and many more have arrived on the game making it even more exciting.

There is a new mini-royale; a quick battle royale that promises tons of action. There are potential new loadouts and weapon rotations. If that wasn’t appealing enough, the game now features four new free multiplayer maps set in a new environment.

Perhaps, the biggest change in Season 5 is with the map. There has been an expansion in the Verdansk Stadium and Train Station, opening up more space to explore.

Season 5 seems to have brought in an entirely new dimension to the game. This could have been a big contribution to Nadeshot’s decision as well. It’d be fun to see who all the 100 Thieves founder teams up with. We can be sure that Courage would be joining him. As for the rest, it should only be a matter of days before we see the new squad.

Source – 100T Nadeshot Twitter

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