Call of Duty Warzone Players are Frustrated Yet Again as Developers Disappoint

November 27, 2020 10:58 pm

Following the success of the Juggernaut LTM, Call of Duty Warzone developers decided to put them in the main game. However, this decision did not prove as popular as the developers expected it to. Quite the contrary, Warzone players are extremely unhappy with this decision.

The decisions of Call of Duty Warzone developers have already been driving players away from the game. Major creators such as Nickmercs and Cloakzy have already moved on from Warzone.

They started playing Fortnite instead since Warzone was plagued with a legion of problems including hackers and imbalanced weapons. This latest step by Infinity Ward will only move to push players further away from the otherwise beloved game.

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Juggernauts are ruining Call of Duty Warzone

A Reddit user recently started a thread to discuss the shortcomings of the juggernaut in normal game modes. His post read, “IW please remove them from WZ! Or at least they shouldn’t be allowed into vehicles!

“It’s beyond a joke now as they appear in majority of late game scenarios! I understand the LTM was fun but why are juggs in normal game modes of warzone? They are OP and are ruining the game for most players.”

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The post already has about 500 upvotes and 110 comments. A majority of the comments agree with the user and want Infinity Ward to do away with juggernauts in normal game modes.

This is totally ruining the experience for a huge faction of players as winning doesn’t take skill anymore. Instead, players who get lucky enough to be the juggernaut have a sure shot chance at victory.

Moreover, the fact that players can use vehicles while being the juggernaut just makes it easier for them to dominate others.

While some players are using this to their advantage and raking up victories, there are others who take the high road. They pass up the opportunity to be a juggernaut, even if they come across one. Let us know how you feel about this.

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