Call of Duty Warzone: Top 5 Sniper Loadouts According to the Current Meta

Published 05/31/2021, 9:55 AM CDT

Snipers have always played a major part in Call of Duty. Ever since quick scoping became a trend in Black Ops 2, there has been a community dedicated to the art. Snipers are especially crucial in Warzone, since a lot of the fights take place at long range.


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Throughout the history of Call of Duty, we have seen quite a balanced meta in terms of snipers. Players can usually choose their favorite based on fire type, reload speed, and overall accuracy.

Top 5 class setups in Call of Duty Warzone in the game’s current meta


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The Kar is a fast-shooting bolt action sniper rifle. It is best utilized in Warzone with a monolithic suppressor, 27.6-inch Singuard custom barrel, tac laser, and sniper scope. Running the perk fully loaded will give you maximum sniper ammunition when you spawn. This will allow you to use the weapon to its fullest.

LW 3 Tundra

Warzone’s LW Tundra is a bolt-action sniper rifle. High damage with moderate sway. It offers a 1-shot kill to the head, upper chest, and shoulders. In order to boost the velocity of the shot, we recommend using the wrapped suppressor and combat recon optic. Additionally, the airborne elastic wrap glitch will improve the aim-down-sight time of the gun significantly.

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The ZRG-20MM was introduced into Call of Duty by Activision with the Season 2 update. Similar to the aforementioned weapons, this gun works on a bolt-action system. Due to these snipers’ heavy but powerful nature, we recommend using the sound moderator muzzle, combat recon barrel, SWAT 5mw laser sight, and upgrading the magazine from three rounds to five.


Most Warzone veterans will be familiar with the HDR. This weapon is absolutely devastating from long ranges. Thus, we recommend using the monolithic suppressor, HDR pro barrel, tac laser, and variable zoom scope as the attachments.


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Swiss K-31

The Swiss K-31 is one of the newer sniper rifles which arrived in Call of Duty Season 3. It recently received a buff which had made the gun far more effective and usable. This gun works best when paired with the GRU suppressor, combat recon barrel, 7-round magazine, and serpent grip.

With the changing meta, you will surely see the attachments placed on these guns shuffled around in the future. Which is your favorite sniper class in Call of Duty Warzone? Let us know in the comments down below.


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