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Clever Mod Sees Shrek the Ogre Sling Webs Like Spider-Man on the Popular PC Game

Published 09/02/2022, 11:10 AM EDT

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A few weeks back, Insomniac Games finally dropped Spiderman for their PC fans, as promised. The franchise had been working relentlessly over the title as they had to create the PC version for their game. 

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For those uninitiated, Insomniac had first released Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 while working for a PlayStation 5 version. However, they had limited themselves after this, as there was no sign of a “Steam” drop. This created chaos in their community as PC fans kept requesting a dedicated version. As a result, the franchise finally heard their cries in August 2022 with a dedicated, remastered version of the game. 


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Post its release, Spider-Man quickly gained traction as it was one of the most anticipated games of the year. It helped the devs earn a massive chunk of revenue as fans rushed to get their game copies. However, with time, fans mastered the game with little left in store for them. This gave rise to interesting game mods, enthralling the entire community. 

Devoted Spider-Man Fan drops one of the most interesting mods of all time!

On August 31, 2022, Australian Youtuber, ToastedShoes dropped one of the most enthralling mods of Spider-Man PC. He merged two fictional heroes to create a perfect and balanced gaming experience. However, the YouTuber also added a little twist at the start, as fans easily spotted “Peter” from The Family Guy. 

The video starts with Peter tossing some bread for breakfast as he listens to cryptic audio on his cell. The family guy character then suits up as Spider-Man and jumps out of the window, swinging to his target. However, he does not appear to be Spider-Man, as the mod turns him into Shrek the Ogre. Later, the character fights for glory, ultimately carving his way through the mission.


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Toasted uploaded the video with a title, “Spider-Man Remastered but ruined by mods” which showcases Shrek battling around for over twelve minutes. After the “Kermit The Frog” mod, fans have finally been able to witness a masterpiece as they filled the comments section with support.

With that being said, it looks like the mods industry will never stop entertaining us as they always have something interesting in the way. So now, all we can do is give them time and root for another masterpiece to drop soon!


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