Gamers are a peculiar bunch; they keep on doing some really interesting as well as exciting things. Be it speed-running a bunch of classic games to create world records, or playing games like Elden Ring with unusual controllers. But sometimes they curiously start comparing real-life things to the games they play.

This happened recently when a shopper posted a video of a broken shopping cart on Instagram, and commenters instantly started comparing it to Forza Horizon’s drifting!

Gamers can’t help but compare a slipping cart to cars in Forza Horizon’s drifting mechanic!


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Forza Horizon is an exciting series of games. Fans all over the world enjoy this game in only one way. They just choose a car and start driving, and they continue driving as long as they feel like. Sometimes they drift; other times they simply crash into things and oncoming traffic. All is part of the fun in these games.

One thing that stands out even more is the fact that everything players do in these games gives them a reward. A slight near miss from an oncoming vehicle gives them points; a stunt jump too; and drifting for a fraction of a second too rewards them with some XP points. This aspect of the game often gets made fun of by fans. Even though one of these games was previously featured in our list of the best racing games of the last decade.

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That’s exactly what a curious fan did when they saw the person in the video maneuvering that cart all over the place. They simply gave them a score of 750xp for close call. Yup, it’s undeniable how much of an effect video games have on us. This is yet again evident in this Instagram post.


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It’s a great way of dealing with stuff too; taking everything in a lighthearted manner like this is the best way to go. Otherwise, the world would be full of grumpy people always complaining about minor stuff.

Fans are understandably making fun of this shopping cart!

While the person in the video maneuvers their way through the supermarket, viewers all over are making fun of it in their own way. And everyone has their own opinion on this.

Instagram ccqze took this opportunity and compared the cart drifting to the same in Forza Horizon and gave the guy a close-call bonus of 750 XP.

someshvm438 quickly names this video “Need for Shopping Cart”

dark_mist89 poked fun at the video saying the person in the video needs to go faster and drift longer, somewhat referencing Need for Speed Carbon.


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Finally, gunamuthu_07 mentioned that he had been doing this too and he always thought he was the only person to do such a thing.


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It’s interesting as well as exciting how the smallest of things can bring a bunch of video game fans together in making fun of it.

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