The short yet superhit OG season in Fortnite is ending soon, and it’s set to bring lots of new revolutions to the game. The tactical shooter has been dominating internet trends for quite some time. While most of the recent hype built around the game is attributed to the homecoming of nostalgic ‘Chapter 1’, Epic Games wouldn’t be letting off the newly profound attention of the community. The constant speculations running around what Epic Games might have to offer after the OG season ends have kept the fans invested. In a similar episode, the viral leak of Eminem suggests the Fortnite world is all set to take the internet with a ‘big bang’! 

Ever since Epic Games confirmed the arrival of ‘Chapter 1’ features for a short season, fans were convinced of a bigger picture in the plan. Apparently, the rumors and theories that have surfaced in the last few days only confirm an elite lineup of updates coming in the game as Fortnite transitions to the next chapter. From an alleged Lady Gaga collaboration to a Lewis Hamilton feature, and now an Eminem live concert, the excitement is obvious. But what is the significance of the trending ‘Countdown for Fortnite’? 

What’s the Countdown on Fortnite For? 


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Just hours ago, massive leaks surfaced around the web that unveiled the Eminem loading screen. According to these rumors, Eminem’s skin and cosmetics were set to arrive in the new update, followed by an elite lineup of collaborations. The description of the loading screen read, “It’s a whole new world out there”, which sparked a lot of speculation around the ‘Big Bang event’. An official announcement for the ‘Big Bang event’ happened just hours after the leak, and now we know what the countdown is all about. 

In around ten days, the big bang event of Fortnite will kick off. Fans from all around the globe would be able to experience Eminem’s live concert in the game and introduction to his skin and cosmetics on December 2 at 2 p.m. ET or 11 a.m. PT. It would be the final event for the OG season and an ideally grand transition to the next chapter of Fortnite.

In addition, a trustworthy Fortnite leaker disclosed that a significant LEGO partnership will be added to the game on December 7 as part of the forthcoming season update. You can play as a real Lego figure and obtain different Lego-themed cosmetics. Epic’s Fortnite experiences will no longer be available beginning at midnight ET on December 2 in anticipation of The Big Bang. Experiences created by users will continue to function until Fortnite v28.00’s outage begins at 11:30 p.m. ET.

Joining Eminem’s Big Bang Live! 

Of course, a grand-scale event involving the rap sensation Eminem would be criminal to miss out on. Also, with the homecoming chapter coming to an end, there couldn’t have been a better icon to lead the shooting veterans to the next chapter. So, here’s a simple guide to joining the upcoming big bang event’ of Fortnite.


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The players just need to visit the Battle Royal tab in the Discover section and select ‘experience’. Fans can start joining half an hour prior to the start and choose their cosmetics according to their individual preferences. Just like a real concert, players will be able to join in groups of four and have a gathering concert party of their own. 

If you don’t have access to a gaming device, you may still play Fortnite by using cloud streaming services. You can play on your PC or mobile device with Xbox Cloud Gaming, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, and Amazon Luna.


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So, have your timers set, as Epic Games has your December gaming schedule covered! 

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