Creating a Perfect Captain in Starfield: Here’s What You Need to Do Right

Published 09/01/2023, 4:10 PM EDT

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Starfield has finally launched, and fans everywhere with early access are enjoying it to the fullest. As we have said numerous times before, the game might just be one of Bethesda’s largest and most advanced games ever.

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In such games, people often find themselves overwhelmed by the number of options they have. This happens from the get-go. Here’s a guide for such overwhelmed gamers, so they can create the best captain for their first playthrough.

Character customization in Starfield


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Like every Bethesda RPG, everything starts with players customizing their perfect character. To do so, they have to understand every option that is there on the character customization screen. First of all, players are given two options: either they can just go crazy customizing their character by editing the smallest of details or they can select from forty existing profiles.

Body Type


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If players choose to customize their own character, they can then choose their character’s body type. From built to weight and age, everything can be customized in this department. Players can even select how their characters walk.


Moving on to the face head shape, hair, eyes, and facial hair, everything is customizable here. Give your character’s nose the exact shape you want, give them the hair you like, and then color them your own way. There are no bounds to how one can make their character look.

The system is so elaborate that people even end up with their own faces in Bethesda’s games.

Choosing the character’s background in Starfield

Where your character comes from and what they used to do before their journey started in Starfield. With 21 backgrounds to choose from, players can give their characters the background story they want.

Each background would give players three starting skills. Other than that, players do not see any skill tree during character creation; this is why we recommend that players choose their background after a thorough read.

Character traits give them much-needed depth

There are 17 traits in Starfield to choose from; they are basically a way to give characters more depth and show fans how they are more connected to the game world. There are around seventeen traits to choose from, and each brings a huge change to the character’s in-game lifestyle.

The best examples of this are traits such as Dream Home and Kid Stuff. Dream Home gives the player character a large home, but one that comes with a debt of 125,000 credits. Players would have to pay a weekly amount as a mortgage. Kid Stuff leads the player character to have parents; they come to visit sometimes and even take a weekly share of their earnings.


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The finishing touches

Once all the above-mentioned things are done, players are then asked to name their characters and pronouns. This is usually counted as the final step in any Bethesda game, but this time around, there’s one more little detail to this step. This time, the player character’s companion robot, VASCO, has numerous names coded into it.

If players chose the right name, VASCO would pronounce it correctly and call them by that name. It adds a unique touch to the game for people who would prefer to name their character according to that list of 1011 names.


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This is the ultimate guide for newcomers to get them through the process of Starfield’s character creation somewhat quickly. We hope it helps most of our readers out there who will start their journey with this game on September 6.

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