CSGO Veteran Shroud Teases Big Announcement: Will He Join Kick or Dominate Apex Legends?

Published 03/16/2023, 9:10 AM EDT

Shroud has dropped a new post on his Twitter, and it could be the beginning of a fresh chapter of his life. 

On March 15, 2023, Michael Grzesiek dazzled fans with a fresh post on Twitter. He hinted toward a life update, starting from the following day, and even claimed it to be the biggest yet. This announcement came right after the unveiling of his collaboration with Logitech as the Valorant pro dazzled the new product. He further shook hands with the computer manufacturing company to make a special edition mouse for fans. And well, the community was in awe as they rushed to grab G303 Shroud Edition. 

But then, Shroud played smart and diverted their attention to his latest post. There, he promised to drop an update on March 16, considering it to be his biggest. So, what could it be?


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Is Shroud trying to go back to his roots or start a new relationship? 

After his announcement, fans started building theories of their own. While some predicted him to go back to CS: GO, others were convinced that he might start Valorant religiously. But then, two more speculations struck our mind, given that Shroud has a long history with them. 


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First, ItzTimmy, commented on his post saying, “Welcome to the team.” And to give a little reference, the Apex Legends pro had uploaded a tweet, looking for a team to play the ALGS Split 2. So, based on that, it felt like Shroud might once again look for becoming the Apex pro, as fans enjoyed that content. 


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Second, it felt like Shroud might shake hands with Trainwreckstv’s new streaming platform, Kick. After all, he’s one of the household names in the gaming industry, and Kick is looking to sign such celebrities into their app. Plus, Shroud shares a controversial relationship with streaming platforms as he jumped from his home ground, back in 2020.

Back then, Microsoft had dropped Mixer, planning to build Twitch’s rival. Sadly, the platform failed, pushing them to give away a $10 million paycheck to the Valorant pro. So, if there is nothing but positives, this could also be a possibility for Shroud fans to look out for. 


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Last but not least, we are locked in for Michael’s big announcement just like his fans. After all, the love and support for this CS: GO player would never end. And we would always want to cheer for him, wherever it may be! 

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