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“Cure People From Blindness = Bad?” – ‘ASMR Queen’ Amouranth Slams Internet Trolls Amidst MrBeast Twitter Feud

Published 02/02/2023, 8:00 AM EST

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Amouranth has slammed another Twitter troll for his MrBeast opinion, and fans are simply loving it!

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The past two weeks have put Amouranth in a difficult position, as she had to go through a major backlash. First, a couple of haters voiced their opinions, saying that the AI industry would take over e-girls and OnlyFans, so she had to slam-dunk them. The content creator cashed out $40 million from OnlyFans alone in 2022, pushing her to defend the platform from such trolls.

Followed by that, she also gave a staggering reply to a handful who claimed that ‘girls would dance for the price of a cheeseburger.’ So, the ASMR queen had to pull them down, and she found the perfect way to do it. 


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Looking at all this, her fans finally felt the storm to calm down as she went through a lot. But it looked like there was a long way to go, as she had to defend MrBeast over his recent Twitter controversy. 

Amouranth extends her support to MrBeast amidst his Twitter backlash 

As we all know, MrBeast recently uploaded a video featuring 1,000 blind people from all over the globe. He partnered with a hospital to pay for their surgeries, as he found that one could easily solve the problem. 

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But still, people considered his act of kindness as ‘charity p*rn’ and trolled him on Twitter. On top of that, one user started a poll, adding the question – “Was MrBeast curing 1000 people’s blindness a good thing or bad thing?” Apparently, the poll had three options that read good, bad, and I just want his money. 


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Looking at this, it felt like Amouranth wasn’t pleased as she replied to the user asking – “Cure people from blindness = bad??” After all, it made little sense when someone would even add ‘bad’ as an option as MrBeast did entirely good for the public


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Plus, he once promised his fans that he would make the world a better place to live before he dies, and this act of kindness felt like the right start. Before this, Jimmy followed a similar format – to help the ones in need, but they had to win the challenges set by him. But this time, he went all out, spending over $5 million dollars to allow 1,000 blind people to see our beautiful world. 

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