Cyberpunk 2077 Player Count on Steam Continues to Plunge Down Following the Outrage

January 5, 2021 11:11 pm

The record-breaking release of Cyberpunk 2077 in the final month of 2020 quickly took a turn for worse now the game is in a difficult situation. Released with much fanfare and anticipation, the game has failed to meet fans’ expectations in terms of performance. The game is still cluttered with bugs and rendering issues that have directly affected the sales of the game.. Recently it has been reported that the game is not performing well on steam, as users continue to exit the franchise.

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Cyberpunk 2077 is losing player base quicker than Witcher 3

According to the stats provided by Githyp, It took relatively longer for Witcher 3 to see a drop in the player count, and it seems like this is another area where Cyberpunk has managed to best his predecessor. As per the reports from Githyp the franchise is in serious trouble in terms of users playing the game, on the contrary, the same game managed to put a record-breaking number of over 1 million concurrent players on the launch date.

This can be attributed to the game not being able to perform up to the mark, as fans expected a lot more from the famous gaming studio CD Projekt RED (CDPR). The game was well-received on the PC platform while the older gen console users reported a majority of the performance issue. The developers have already offered an apology along with refunds to the users who are not happy with the game.

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Chart source: Github

They have also announced that the game is currently being worked on and more patches will be released in the initial months of 2021. These updates will be aimed at fixing the game from the ground up and removing all bugs and issues that the game currently has. However, all the promising steps and recourses have not translated well in terms of user count. As the players continue to exit the game, citing the same issues that riddled the game since the launch.

CDPR will have to take a major step in the right direction to bring their biggest game back to the spotlight, as mere promises aren’t satisfactory enough for gamers on steam.

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