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YouTube Gamer Behind Andrew Tate’s Sudden Ban Sends a Stern Message to the World

Published 08/20/2022, 8:50 AM EDT

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Andrew Tate, one of the biggest internet celebrities, has landed himself in trouble waters after a YouTuber has accused him of multiple things. The YouTuber has posted some highly controversial videos asking Tate to explain his actions. Daz’s videos contain some horrific footage, something one would never want to see. So, it was just a matter of minutes before the allegations gained traction, pushing Andrew to the dark side. 

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However, that wasn’t the only thing going on in “Cobra’s” life, as top social media platforms have taken down his account, post the incident. On the other hand, the YouTuber/gamer has also uploaded a dedicated post mentioning the accused, dropping a comment saying, “This is what a fat YouTube gamer can do.”


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Popular Youtuber/Gamer slams Andrew Tate over his controversial statements and nature

For the past few months, Andrew Tate has conquered the internet with his controversial videos. He featured himself on different podcasts, giving his insights on various topics like relationships, money, future, life, and many more. Apart from this, he also educated his audience about his pyramid business, talking about how successful they could be after joining.

While these things proved the shiny side of Andrew Tate, a little storm was building around the globe concerning his statements about women. 


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Renowned as ‘Misogynist’, $350 Million Worth Andrew Tate’s Gesture Towards Women Against Domestic Violence Is the Sweetest Thing You’ll Read About Him

Andrew Tate has spoken highly about women on various podcasts, calling them “precious” things. However, few videos have surfaced on the internet portraying his upside-down nature. Daz Black, a YouTuber, has shown them on his channel while uploading a dedicated video about the whole thing. He claimed that a few girls who had a relationship with Tate have come forward to report against him. As a result, this quickly led to a bit of downfall in Tate’s life as social media platforms Instagram and Facebook banned his account.


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Despite the videos being over ten years old, his controversial nature is something that has revived them. After all, the videos contain graphic content where fans can clearly hear Tate behaving disruptively with a woman.

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So, with such massive allegations against himself, the next few days are going to be challenging for the champ.


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What are your thoughts about this? Do you think Andrew Tate should’ve been banned from social media well before? Or do you think he was taken out at the right time? Let us know your valuable opinions in the comments section.



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