Epic Games Apologizes for Massive Christmas Day Fiasco After an Employee Unknowingly Gives Out a Major AAA Title for Free

Published 12/31/2022, 8:30 AM EST

The Epic Games Store was the perfect Santa this Christmas for gamers. They brought tons of games for free for the customers this season. Epic Games has been doing this giveaway since its inception, and it is something that makes them stand out from its competition.

Throughout the year, the store brought some great titles for free for the customers. Furthermore, the giveaway becomes more interesting during the holiday times, especially Christmas. This time also, Epic Games Store did not disappoint. They brought some massive titles like Death Stranding to their store. But, what was the spoilsport of this season was its biggest giveaway itself.


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Epic Games’ Christmas surprise was a shocker

Epic Games brought some amazing titles to its stores this Christmas season. Among them, the most surprising one was Death Stranding. Death Stranding is an action-adventure game created by Kojima Productions and was brought by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The 2019 game was brought into the 2022 Christmas day for free by the Epic Games store.

But there was a lot that happened on the 25th of December 2022. As soon as the game dropped, fans were exhilarated to see that it was the Director’s cut. But in reality that was not their plan. They wanted to release the base version of the game and mistakenly released the director’s cut which has more content.

Soon Epic Games removed the Director’s cut from its free giveaway. During this time the store faced some technical issues as well. Now, Epic Games Store has come forward issuing an apology to its customers.

According to the statement given by Epic Games, the problem was caused by human error. An intern who was responsible for the same accidentally managed to create this huge confusion.

Fans were dejected by this incident

Many people were dejected by this event. Especially the ones who didn’t get a chance to get the Director’s cut version. According to some people, the people who got the Director’s cut still have them in their library. On the other hand, some are claiming that it got removed. Both ways, the community was dejected at the Epic Games Store.


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Now, the store features another popular AAA game. ‘Dishonored’ is the last game of this year’s free giveaway by Epic Games Store. Eximius: Seize the Frontline is another game that is also available for free now in the store.


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Which among these free games Epic brought is your favorite? Do mention them in the comments below.

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