Desparate Destiny 2 Fans Hit Hard by Bungie’s Disappointing Update on the Witch Queen

Published 02/22/2022, 1:18 PM EST

Destiny 2 is getting another season, and it is supposed to be launching today on February 22. This season is called the ‘Season of the Risen’ and along with it comes the Witch Queen update as well. However, the developer Bungie has underlined some issues and information for the players before they log in for the first time.

This latest news from Bungie has enraged the fans awaiting the update. Let us have a look at what fans have to say regarding this.

Fans not pleased with issues highlighted by Bungie before Destiny 2 new season launch


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Bungie has highlighted some of the top performance issues that players might encounter with this new seasonal update. The issues are comprehensive and are squeezed into an eight-tweet thread. Some of them include issues like the power level for the PsiOps Battlegrounds playlist not displaying, Overload auto rifle and SMG artifact mods not disrupting the health regeneration of Overload Champions, and many more.

Here is the thread that you can check out to view the issues detailed by the developer.

Let’s have a look at what fans think about this news ahead of the major update.

This fan here banters about Bungie talking about the glitches and promoting Witch Queen at the same time rather than fixing it.

This player wants a new game really bad!

Here is another fan who is very frustrated with the delay and underlying issues with Destiny 2.

This fan also vented their frustrations about the developers releasing information about the glitches and bugs just 12 hours before the game’s launch after putting it off for a long duration of time.

This fan thinks that the new upcoming season is going to be a letdown because of the above-mentioned issues. They also highlight Bungie’s record of doing very little in the way of testing the game while investing heavily in marketing.

This fan compares Destiny 2 to Guerilla Games’ Horizon series.


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Do you think Bungie did a good job by informing the community of the underlying issues in Destiny 2? Let us know in the comments.


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