Blizzard‘s recent action RPG Diablo 4 appeared a huge disappointment for fans. From lacking manual saving to complete online mode impacting its experience, players have a lot to complain about this action role-playing game. Not just that, even gaming events are truly less interested in featuring Diablo 4 at their showcases. 

Among many of the drawbacks, players rated one, which completely ruined Diablo 4’s experience. Players claim this feature was a problem in Diablo 3 as well. Blizzard’s pre-designed builds restricted players in designing their characters from top to bottom from power to combat. While many think it is an advantage, real RPG lovers are hugely disappointed with this drawback. 

No build discovery in Diablo 4 is the game’s topmost drawback 


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Diablo 4 ‘s exciting thing was supposed to be the game’s build allowing player to create their own character mechanics. From defense mechanisms to adding personalized charm to the gameplay, builds are essential for true RPG lovers to use their characters in directing the outcome. Players can add different skills, combat abilities and strategies as a combination to create a character of their own. Now, Diablo 4 players complained that although this game is an RPG, its character builds are already pre-designed by Blizzard.

There is no build discovery in this game. It’s all pre designed builds from the devs.
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This means that no matter how many combinations players have in their minds, it won’t just work unless they choose the developer’s pre-installed builds. This is one of the reasons why Diablo 4 players were bombarded with “unintended gameplay’ error messages whenever they tried a customized build. 

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Fans commented that for an RPG, such limitation of character creation is unexpected from developers like Blizzard Entertainment. No build discovery in Diablo 4 restricted player’s experiment with character abilities- “because the devs didn’t think of that combination, a player found it and enjoyed it. Devs said, “wait wait, no that’s not supposed to be a thing because we didn’t design it.”


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Some more points to check before keeping high hopes for Diablo 4

Despite no customization for character build, one might still think Diablo 4 is a good option to begin their RPG adventure. While they start their journey, they should know about a few more cons revealed by players about this action RPG. 

  1. Limited inventory space: Players might need to keep track of their looted objects since Diablo 4’s inventory space is apparently not enough. This can cause serious storage issues when numerous objects need to be stored.
  2. Complete online mode: Blizzard’s decision to make Diablo 4 completely online stroked some fans hard. This is because, without a steady connection, players face multiple issues with gameplay. For example, without an internet connection, players can’t save their progress.
  3. No manual saving: Apparently, Blizzard didn’t introduce manual saving for Diablo 4. Therefore, if you need emergency quit or lose your connection, then mark a cross on your chest. Because likely, the game will not save any progress. 


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Blizzard’s Diablo 4 brought many anticipations but failed to deliver a single of the exclusivity it promised to fans. If your connection doesn’t make you go crazy at times, then you can surely try out Diablo 4. However, keep our tips handy to save yourself from heartbreak. 

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