Diablo 4 is the current talk of the town. Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, this game was released on the 5th of June this year. Within days of its release, it became a huge hit among the fans. This game offered four playable classes for the players to create their preferred characters and complete quests. Undoubtedly, Diablo 4 is one of the finest action games in the RPG universe. 

This game’s popularity is quite visible among gamers. Recently, fans brought this game into the spotlight again. Some crazy fan-made Diablo players were previously seen making huge shout-outs among the community. Recently, another Diablo fan was spotted taking the craze to the next level. 

Fan-made an amazing Diablo 4 shield 


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Diablo 4 fans are well acquainted with shields. Shields are basically exclusive armor that gives additional protection to the players. They are useful as they provide protection while players perform an action. Additionally, these armors had unique varieties with modifiers, which help players get more capabilities. Overall, for Diablo fans, shields are increased defense combat in the game.  

Recently, these game shields made their comebacks to the headlines again. One fan was spotted making a custom game shield with five hundred and sixty LED lights. She was seen working from scratch material to paint and finally attach the lights for making an entire Diablo 4-themed cosplay- “I made a HUGE Diablo shield with 560 LEDs!.”

Fans appreciate the effort 

As soon as she posted a video of the entire thing on her Twitter account, a crazy amount of appreciation was spotted among the fan community. The entire comment thread was full of people appreciating her work and congratulating her. One person was especially spotted talking about how badly he wanted this shield in the game.

People were truly mesmerized by her creative output- “Holy shit, Svetlana. You are a testament to what years of honing and learning new skills can amount to.”

Diablo fans community believed that her work was completely next level amazing-“Wow that’s next level.” 

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Her costume and efforts were hugely appreciated by almost everyone in the comment thread- “thats so dope. well done. so much talent and skill.”


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All of these are the proofs of Diablo 4’s crazy fandom. This game was released on PlayStation 4 and 4, Windows and Xbox X/S series. What do you think about this costume? Let us know.

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