Bugs and glitches are headaches for gamers around the world. Game developers are working day in and day out to remove these things from the games. Bugs and glitches can disrupt your smooth gameplay, make you lose in competitive scenarios, delete all your saved game files, and whatnot. But the new bug in Diablo 4 is doing something that anyone has never seen.

This bug is causing the Legendary items in Diablo 4 to be more expensive when attempting to re-roll them at the vendors. This bug has made the fans frustrated. Let’s dive into the article and find out all the aspects of this strange bug.

Unraveling the Legendary Re-Roll Bug in Diablo 4


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Diablo 4, developed by Blizzard Entertainment, was released on June 5, 2023, for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and Microsoft Windows. Since then, this RPG title has gathered high acclaim for its action-packed gameplay, immersive visuals, and unique storytelling. But this weird bug might be an obstacle to that.

This bug revolves around the Urn of Bargaining Season Blessing. This feature was initially introduced to save you money, as it was designed to help you save precious gold when re-rolling items at vendors. But this boon seemed to have turned into a curse.

Recently, in a video shared by a streamer, we can see the exploits of the bugs. The streamer tries to re-roll a Legendary item that should have cost him a million golds with the Urn of Bargaining Season Blessing feature. But to everyone’s surprise, the price skyrocketed to 8 million golds. This unexpected scenario has left the streamer disappointed to lose the hard-earned game resources in an unfair manner.

The Unfortunate Impact and Player Reactions

According to fans, this bug is going to affect the in-game economy hugely. The moment of getting Legendary items, which was at once an exciting experience, has now become doomed with the thought of additional expense.


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Fans have also speculated that this bug is only limited to legendary items. The reroll costs of rare items aren’t affected by this bug. Although the odds of getting legendary items are lower than those of rare items, many think the bug won’t be a big issue later on. But still, it’s a matter of concern when you think about rerolling legendary items only.

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Despite having every aspect of a good game, the bug in Diablo 4 is absolutely killing the in-game feel. Concerns have been raised as people have lost a lot of their in-game gold unfairly.


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We hope Blizzard Entertainment will pay heed to the fans’ voices and fix this bug as soon as possible.

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