Did You Ever Notice This Mind-Boggling Uncharted Easter Egg in Call of Duty Modern Warfare?

Published 08/21/2022, 1:36 PM EDT

Call of Duty games have always fascinated players ever since they have been in existence. However, what’s even more interesting about this fast-paced action series is that all its major hits have featured some of the best-known Easter Eggs in recent years.

But there’s one Easter Egg, in general, that will surely blow the minds of many Call of Duty lovers. That’s because it’s not yet noticed by a lot of players despite nearly passing through it. We are talking about 2019’s Modern Warfare which seemingly features a shocking reference to a memorable PlayStation IP.


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Potential Uncharted Easter Egg discovered in Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Thanks to a hardcore gaming nerd and YouTuber who runs the channel, Captain Eggcellent, we now have an intel on this hidden secret. Many of the players, by now, must have played Infinity Ward’s blockbuster from 2019. It’s going to have a sequel as well later this year in the form of MWII.

Coming back to the predecessor, then there’s an iconic mission in Call of Duty Modern Warfare called ‘Clean House’. According to the YouTuber, this specific campaign quest has a potential Uncharted Easter Egg. While clearing up the house in London, which is home to a group of terrorists, players come across two bad guys in the first room.


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One of them, when killed by the player, is seen lying on the floor. Upon going near and observing this terrorist, CoD players will notice that he’s got a resemblance to a legendary personality from PlayStation‘s Uncharted franchise.


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Yes, the appearance is somehow similar to Nathan Drake. Or at least that’s the case, potentially, as per the YouTuber in the video. To make it obvious, he even mentions that the terrorist has a similar holster to that of Drake. Moreover, the outfit is almost identical to the central character of Uncharted. Additionally, a ring around the neck can also be seen.

Of course, the face doesn’t match with the hero of Naughty Dog’s iconic series, but everything else is on point. Another interesting thing about this Clean House sequence is that this terrorist doesn’t spawn every time. Instead, players encounter a different person when restarting the level.


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What are your thoughts on this mind-boggling detail noticed in Call of Duty Modern Warfare? Do you think the makers deliberately put it in such a manner that it’s hardly ever spotted? Let us know in the comments.

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