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Did You Know: $490 Million Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo Once Got Into a “Beef” With This YouTuber

Published 01/23/2023, 9:00 AM EST

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In October 2017, a British YouTube group Sidemen member got into a “beef” with one of the world’s most famous soccer players, Cristiano Ronaldo. The incident occurred when the member and his younger brother collaborated with Ronaldo on a soccer video. But the collaboration did not go as smoothly as planned, and a disagreement arose between the two.

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And the reasons behind this are really hilarious. Both the brothers got in trouble with Ronaldo for being too blunt while playing soccer. That is also what many may call brotherly love, as W2S was not really very considerate about his younger brother while playing the game, which is obviously one of the many things both brothers usually do.

W2S once got in trouble with Cristiano Ronaldo


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According to W2S, the issue began when Ronaldo didn’t like the fact that W2S was “pinging the board” on his brother. In a video, W2S explained the situation, saying, “So I’m filming right? And he didn’t like the fact that I was just fucking pinging the board on my brother. I’m just smacking the bullet point, which is fine. Like, I think he was, like, ‘Easy, you’re hitting it too hard for us to please with that.” This disagreement caused tension between the two, and the filming process was affected.

W2S went on to say that they had only 10 minutes to film the penalty shoot and the first seven minutes were wasted due to the disagreement. He also mentioned that Ronaldo said something in Portuguese to one of his associates, which he did not understand, but he was able to translate it later and it was something along the lines of “time’s up. Surely get like he was, he was fed up with it”.


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It’s important to note that this disagreement did not necessarily mean that the collaboration was a complete failure. W2S and Ronaldo were able to continue filming the soccer video despite the initial tension, and the video was eventually released on the Sidemen YouTube channel. However, it’s unclear if it was the final version of the video that was released or if any parts were edited out due to the disagreement.


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Was the “Beef” serious?

In any case, it’s clear that this was not a serious “beef” between W2S and Ronaldo, and they were able to continue working together. Cristiano Ronaldo is known for being a professional and dedicated athlete, and it’s likely that he was simply trying to maintain a certain level of quality for the video they were filming. W2S also seemed to understand and respect that, and the two were able to move past the disagreement and complete the video.


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Sidemen is a group of British YouTubers who are known for their gaming and vlogging content. They have a combined total of over 40 million subscribers on YouTube, and their videos have been viewed billions of times. W2S is one of the most popular members of the group, known for his gaming commentary and vlogs. He has over 10 million subscribers on YouTube, and his videos have been viewed over 1 billion times. He’s also known for his collaborations with other YouTubers, celebrities, and brands.

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