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Did You Know Nintendo Actually Allowed and Even Recommended Players to Cheat in Super Mario Kart?

Published 09/20/2023, 10:17 AM EDT

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Nintendo is a straightforward platform holder. The leadership of this company has mentioned time and time again how they only care about their fans having fun and nothing else. And they deliver on this promise too; from the NES to the Nintendo Switch, every one of their consoles has been focused on providing gamers with a unique experience.

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Keeping in line with this sentiment, Shigeru Miyamoto decided to convert the very serious racing game F-Zero into a family-friendly Kart racer called Mario Kart. It was no doubt a success. The game was invented to allow players to play with their families, but it looks like it also encouraged cheating!

Nintendo suggested players cheat in Super Mario Kart


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Super Mario Kart was one of the best-selling games on the SNES, also known as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The two primary reasons behind this game’s success were its being a Super Mario game and its split-screen competitive mode.


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Players could compete against each other on various courses, racing and defeating each other. Its competitive mode worked on a split screen. It divided the screen into halves, and in each half, players could see their respective characters. It was considered cheating to look on the other side. But fans have found out that Nintendo wanted players to look.


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This discovery was made by someone in Nintendo’s handbook for Super Mario Kart; it specifically mentions that players are encouraged to look at their opponent’s half of the screen whenever they want. It’s an interesting insight into how Nintendo wanted gamers to play their games; they just wanted people to have fun, it seems.


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While many seasoned Mario Kart players would mention that they think playing this way is not very honest. Others suggest this is exactly where the fun lies in the game. However, one plays the game. One thing is for sure: Nintendo has always been a company that actually gets involved in how their fans play their games, which is pretty refreshing to know.

Split-screen remains an integral part of the Mario Kart series to this day

While many other developers have decided to do away with split-screens. Nintendo has, to this day, implemented this feature in most of their games. It’s really commendable that even on Nintendo Switch a system that most consider to be weak in technical aspects, Nintendo cares to give players split-screen mode in most of their games.


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From Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, every game that can have a split-screen mode has it.

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