“Do You Think Epic Can Take Control and Fix Everything Soon?” Fortnite Pro SypherPK Explains About the Massive Glitches Chapter 4 Brought

Published 01/14/2023, 1:40 PM EST

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The Fortnite community always waits for each update with much anticipation and eagerness. The game had brought many features that the fans adorned in the past. With each update, Fortnite brings more and more content into the game with the hopes that these would continue to maintain their player base.

But there are times when these don’t go as planned. Especially in the recent Chapter 4 which was rampant with glitches. The Fortnite team was constantly seen removing certain features due to ridiculous glitches. These have also made the fans irritated. Now, SpyherPK, the renowned Fortnite creator has come up explaining all these.


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SypherPK explains these Fortnite glitches

For Fortnite fans, SypherPK is a pretty familiar name. He is one of the top-tier content makers of the battle royale game in recent times. He also partnered with Epic Games to bring his own creator skin line into the game. Ali was closely following the current chapter and now as these glitches have become the talk of the town, he was seen explaining about these in his recent video.

  • Hammer Glitch- The Shockwave hammer was a brand-new addition brought in this chapter. It was faced with much criticism after many glitches were found in the game. Though Epic Games managed to remove the infinite hopping glitch, still there are a lot of bugs within it. The fall damage bug while using the hammer is still knocking down the user.


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  • Deku Smash- The much-anticipated anime collaboration with My Hero Academia brought this ability. But it soon got removed due to many bugs the ability had. There has been no update on its return.
  • Augment Realities– Aerialist Perk was removed from the game after a lot of reports of its malfunction were spotted by the players.

The list surely extends beyond this. So, what are the reasons for this devastating state that the battle royale game is going through?

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What according to SypherPK is the reason?


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Ali in his video was giving his perspective on all these reported cases. So, this current chapter not only brought many new features into the game, but it also was a transitional phase. That is, Fortnite switched to Unreal Engine 5 in this chapter. This is a massive jump compared to the transition between Chapter 2 and Chapter 3.

According to SypherPK, everything comes down to timing. If Epic does not fix these in time, they are just left with two options. Either remove it completely or just let it stay in the game. He really hopes Fortnite fixes all these issues as these were some excellent features that they introduced.


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Ali was seen enjoying the game and also reminded his fans that bugs are something that all games will eventually have. So, the thing the community can do is hope that the developers curb these issues on time.

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