The epic saga of Dr Disrespect from being a level designer for Activision to becoming one of the biggest streamers in the world, Doc has seen it all, the highest highs and lowest lows, that can decimate anyone’s career. However, the 39-year-old streamer never deterred from his pathway and his unyielding attitude has pushed him to heights not many have seen.

The streamer has also bagged prestigious awards of being ‘Streamer of the year’ on two separate occasions. From working in a gaming studio to now starting his own ‘Midnight Society’, the doc has indeed come long since he was banned from Twitch in 2020.


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What lead to Dr Disrespect’s Ban from Twitch?

Doc has found his second home in YouTube gaming, after his unceremonious exit from Twitch. The streamer had to once start from scratch, but thankfully, his already existing YouTube channel helped him lessen the grind. The streamer’s return saw half a million viewers tuning in to experience the champions’ club in its glory.
However, one thing still remains a mystery, as even today neither the streamer nor Twitch have revealed the exact reasons that lead to his ban. His time on Twitch wasn’t a smooth ride as he has been at the center of many controversies that lead to him being suspended. Finally, in 2020, the platform took this bold step by permanently banning him, which shocked the world.


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Last year, the streamer learned the truth behind his ban, but he wasn’t willing to share it with the world. On top of that, he indeed stated that he is taking legal action as he deemed the reasons inadequate to merit such a harsh punishment. He also stated that because of the ban, he has lost a lot of money and opportunities.


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Dr Disrespect and Twitch Case resolved

The legal discourse took its own sweet time to get resolved, and the streamer was quite keen on getting to the bottom of this matter. According to a report by Gamerrant, Doc has decided against his original decision to pursue a legal remedy, as he announced his decision to finally move on from that saga. He stated that he has resolved the matter and now finally he put this behind him.

“I have resolved my legal dispute with Twitch. No party admits to any wrongdoing.”

Will Dr Disrespect return to Twitch in 2022?

It seems highly unlikely that Doc will ever choose to make his return to the platform. He has built an incredible community on YouTube, despite facing many hurdles, the streamer has cemented his place on the video-sharing platform.

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Doc’s move to YouTube has proved to be a lucrative one, as the streamer found many iconic names teaming up with him. Celebrities like Snoop Dogg, PewDiePie, famous Indian streamer Scout, and more. Safe to say, he is never going back to Twitch.

Highlights of Twitch Career

His time on Twitch was quite memorable, as he built his legacy on Amazon’s streaming platform. He forged unforgettable friendships with the likes of TimTheTatman, Zlaner, Dr Lupo, Shroud, and more in his 5 year-long stints. He always stuck to his favorite gaming titles and turned into an elite FPS streamer that fans simply could not get enough of.

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$100 bet with Shroud

His days of streaming PUBG have probably kickstarted a golden age on Twitch. It was the time of the Battle Royale genre’s birth and Shroud’s foray as a full-time content creator. The duo shared magical moments with the fans that the community still looks back on. Sadly, Shroud has made his home on Twitch, and with Doc’s situation, he might never reunite with him.

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Streamers sometimes become the center of malicious pranks that can produce serious repercussions. One such incident occurred with Doc while streaming when he heard a few gun-shots being fired near his house. He immediately closed his stream down and rushed to the aid of his family to ensure everyone’s safety.

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