If you spend any amount of time on the internet, you would know Will Smith is the talk of the town right now. The King Richard star sent fans reeling with his infamous Oscars incident. His altercation with Chris Rock has become forever associated with the 94th Academy Awards. The internet is full of people giving their take on the incident, and now Dr DisRespect has thrown his hat into the ring.

The 6’8 Gaming God never minces his words. His signature style and charisma make for some really entertaining content. And his take on the Will Smith-Chris Rock altercation is no different.


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Dr DisRespect shares his honest take on the wild Will Smith incident

Before Doc even introduces the topic, fans would notice the viral background. It showcases the image of Will Smith whacking Chris Rock across the face but with a hilarious twist. The edited photograph has the two-time filling in for Smith with frenemy TimTheTatman on the receiving end. The mustachioed streamer never misses a chance to take a dig at his peer, and the community loves it.

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But the community also seems to love the discourse surrounding the Oscars incident. With the chat asking Doc for a community poll on whether the slap was fake. However, he doesn’t believe the incident is worthy of a poll, saying.

“That’s what’s kind of upsetting about this whole situation, it’s obvious it wasn’t set up.”

The two-time adds he doesn’t believe a stunt like that would pass on such a mainstream stage.

Significantly, a section of the chat believed they staged the slap, leading to Dr DisRespect to eventually launch a poll on the subject. And the results came back with a whopping 75% believing it actually happened.


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He agreed with chat that the altercation felt organic. His stance only being strengthened after knowing Chris Rock refused to file a report with the LAPD.

The two-time revealed during the stream that initially he believed the slap was fake. But once Will Smith sat down and started yelling at the comedian, he changed his mind.


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Doc and his chat seem to believe in the veracity of the events that took place. But what are your thoughts on the matter? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments below!