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A trend that has gotten much popularity in recent times is the boxing between popular internet celebrities. We got to witness fan-favorite personalities like KSI stepping into the ring under the Misfits banner. JJ seems to have an impressive knack for boxing, and he has proved it at every chance he got.

But now he is under internet scrutiny following some comments he made when he got angered. The cause of his anger is due to some statements made by one of his fellow mates regarding his arch-rival Jake Paul.

KSI is fuming following Wade’s Jake Paul comments


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JJ is one of the most prominent/influential celebrities on the internet today. From content creation to entrepreneurial ventures, JJ has established himself in various fields. The one that he is currently shining in is boxing. And every fan knows that his main goal at the moment is to have a fight with his biggest foe, Jake Paul. The star has considered this to be one of the biggest fights in this category of boxing.

So, when Wade Plem stated that a Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury rematch would sell more tickets than KSI vs Jake Paul, it infuriated JJ. Wade did not out of the blue stated these comments. When Jake stated that a rematch with Tommy Fury has more potential to garner larger ticket numbers, Wade felt at the moment that is a huge possibility.

But this statement led to a fight between KSI and Wade, and reportedly the sports commentator was removed from the Misfits panel following the turmoil.

A few people on Twitter came forward posting a supposedly deleted post by KSI that shows the star ranting against Wade Plem. These deleted Tweets were pointing toward some harsh statements that KSI said about Wade. He was seen calling the commentator ‘fake’ and ‘snake’ in these posts.

Following these statements by KSI, Jake Paul tweeted in support of Wade. Jake was calling KSI ‘insecure’, adding further spice to their hatred for each other.

KSI later released a statement justifying his statements and admitting that he did so in a fit of anger.

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Though JJ apologized for his outburst, it seems like many are not satisfied with his justification.

Twitter users take a dig at JJ following this outburst

Many Twitter users were seen voicing against KSI for making such statements. They were blaming the rapper/boxer and criticizing the star for firing Wade.


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Some fans are confused as to why KSI was getting overcooked about someone’s perception and was seen asking for the full picture behind the ongoing fight.


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There are supporters of KSI as well, but the majority are either confused or angry at the boxing star.