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EA UFC 4: Dev Speaks on Big Changes and More

EA UFC 4: Dev Speaks on Big Changes and More

The excitement for the new UFC game only seems to increase each day. EA UFC 4 has dropped many details on what they bring to the fans. Creative Director of the game Brian Hayes was in an exclusive interview with VG247, where he talked about the many changes in the new title.

UFC 4 has focused on improving many aspects of the series. This time, the game has a revamped fighting system and big changes in store for the career mode.

UFC 4 – The biggest overhaul

When the gameplay trailer dropped, it was evident that many things are different now. There are new striking inputs, a new submission system, and much more grapple control. Hayes acknowledged the same as the biggest change in EA UFC 4.

“One of the biggest things that we’ve changed in relation to stand-up is actually a change of the entire control scheme. So, we have dynamic striking inputs now”

Now the striking inputs have changed around. Simply put, instead of holding down the buttons, players can now tap the button for various combos.

“The dynamic striking inputs are basically introducing a tap versus hold mechanic. With the tap versus hold mechanic, we’ve reduced or eliminated altogether the instances in our game where you have to hold down five and six buttons at the same time to just pull off one strike. And that was obviously very complicated, just ergonomically”, Hayes said.

The moves were tough to pull off by holding down the buttons and players would agree. Taps would mean more combinations and faster gameplay. That makes it all interesting.

The animation system has also been revamped resulting in less input latency than previous titles. Every strike the character delivers in the game is one or two frames more responsive than what players saw in UFC 3 or 2. To sum it up, you use more taps, fewer buttons and the result is the improved responsiveness. The strikes will be much easier to complete without being challenging at the same time.

The moves you deliver will also depend on the competency system your character is on. A level 5 move will be executed with much great impact and technicality compared to a level 1 move.

Overall, new changes and improvements are always good. The biggest change arriving in the game is definitely the new striking inputs.


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