Since the announcement of a standalone Zombies mode, Activision’s upcoming Call of Duty has gained huge attention online. There’s a growing buzz about how the undead will appear in a Modern Warfare title. And the makers have seemingly answered related queries with a little tease from the actual gameplay itself!

Not to mention that it will excite a lot of die-hard fans waiting to experience the undead in Modern Warfare III. In a recent social media post, the makers have actually dropped a brief, yet detailed, glimpse of the Zombies mode. And yes, it is looking absolutely promising, to say the least!

Gameplay from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III’s Zombies mode revealed!


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Players are already aware that Modern Warfare Zombies will feature a PvE format. It will require them to go against hordes of the undead while also trying to finish certain mission objectives. Eventually, they will have to loot items and extract successfully.

Speaking of the first look from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III Zombies, it’s officially out now. The makers recently took to their Instagram account in order to share the news over a collaboration. Interestingly, the clip they used also had a small glimpse from the gameplay of the open-world Zombies mode itself. Here’s how the undead will appear in the MW universe:

The devs will also tie in the story of Modern Warfare Zombies with the events of previous Black Ops titles. It means that the two franchises will eventually get interconnected in terms of their events.

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Meanwhile, there’s even more stuff fans should look forward to in MWIII. It’s really going to pack tons of surprises upon its release later this year. Hardcore COD lovers are in for a treat.

Modern Warfare III to bring back classic maps, movement mechanics, and more!

Developer Sledgehammer has confirmed that 16 remastered maps from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2 will appear in the game. They are built from scratch but still ooze the nostalgic vibe, per the makers. Moreover, they have also claimed that players will love the revamped movement mechanics in Modern Warfare III. That’s because they will add a lot of classic elements and perks compared to recent installments.


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Moving onto the story, MWIII’s Campaign will see the return of Task Force 141. This time, however, the team will have to face its ultimate threat in Vladimir Makarov. The iconic villain will make a comeback after more than a decade. Last seen in 2011’s original MW3, he will now pose a serious threat to Captain Price and his entire squad.

There is also the Carry Forward option players will get in the new title. It will simply allow them to continue using all of their purchased bundles and cosmetics from MWII.


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Coming back to Zombies, fans will get more of them in this month’s COD Next event. It will take place next week.

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