Ed Sheeran X Nintendo’s Popular Franchise Pokemon Collaboration Has Something Great Coming for the Fans

Published 09/23/2022, 1:20 PM EDT

Just when the Pokemon fans thought they couldn’t get their gaming anthem, Ed Sheeran stepped in to master and shape some mesmerizing tunes. And surprise! Pokemon will be featured in the song. But tune in to get to know more about when, where, and what the song will be.

Ed Sheeran is a popular and established singer-songwriter. Moreover, his songs find a place in almost every playlist. Often, he is connoted as the singer that lightens up the moods. Surprisingly, the artist has taken up the task to feature a song on the lovable series of the video gaming community, Pokemon.


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Fans will finally get a tune to groove before dawning on a never-ending gaming session thanks to this Nintendo collab

Pokemon has a special fan base in the video gaming community. Nintendo has closely worked with Pokemon when it comes to games. The gaming company has produced some of the most amazing game titles in the past. Chiefly, consoles like Game Boy and 3DS covered the Pokemon games. But before this, gamers might have noticed the void of a Pokemon anthem to get the mood set in.

Well, gamers are in for a treat as the “Shape of You” singer Ed Sheeran has taken up the task of presenting a beautiful piece of musical notes for Pokemon. And to put the cherry on the cake, the song will be hitting the charts on September 29, probably on YouTube and other music streaming platforms. September is shaping into something ever beautiful, right?

Moreover, the song is named ‘Celestial.’ This song reflects the partnership between The Pokemon Company and Ed Sheeran. Gamers would know that the singer has a special place in the game. As he voiced years ago, his liking for Pokemon Black in a tweet.

Earlier, Ed had also released a small clip from the song. Therefore, the fans can finally see the official setting of the song in a week. This comes as blockbuster news for the community, as the game Detective Pokemon will also be finding its sequel released in the near future.


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Till then, here are reactions from the fans when they got to know about the songs from the singer himself:

Pokemon fans need to worry as there is some good news regarding Pikachu

Talking of Pikachu, one can simply not forget the cinematic adventure game Detective Pikachu. The game was released for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems in 2016. Moreover, its sequel was announced in 2019. However, this declaration aged like fine wine. As recently, something pinpointed the nearing release of the sequel.


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As reported by NintnedoLife, “Creatures Inc and PTCG Development Division Senior Programmer Jonathan Murphy (who has been in the position for 5 years) notes how he’s worked on an “unannounced project” and Detective Pikachu 2, which is nearing release”

Therefore, coming from someone who is closely related to the game, fans can bestow their trust in the fact that Detective Pikachu might hit the Nintendo Switch consoles soon. Above all, this new song might just suit the gaming sessions as well.


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What are you expecting from the upcoming Detective Pikachu game by Nintendo? Do tell us your thoughts below.

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