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After Elon Musk Shows His Gaming Setup for Diablo 4, and Convinces His MIT Friend Lex Fridman to Try It Out, He Streams on X With Passion

Published 10/01/2023, 11:12 AM EDT

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Update, 10/3/23

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The X’s boss visited X on October 2 to host a live gaming event for the audience. He was testing out the newest video game streaming option on X while playing his favorite game, Diablo 4. Additionally, nearly two million people watched Musk’s first-ever live feed of X, which was a success. In front of the audience, he attempted to beat a Tier 100 Nightmare dungeon from the game. However, the flawless implementation of the live broadcast feature remains the major accomplishment of this gaming session.

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Original Story, 10/1/23

Ever wondered what the gaming setup of the richest man in the world looks like? Look no further. The X boss, Elon Musk, who is also a huge eSports enthusiast, showcased his gaming setup while also sharing his progress report in Blizzard Entertainment’s role-playing action giant. No surprises, this latest sneak peek into Elon Musk’s gaming hub has left the fans impressed and jealous to some extent.

There’s no denying the fact that Elon Musk has an undying love for gaming. However, being a critical chooser, not every game seems to please the SpaceX chief. While there have been certain lists of games that could pull off impressing the entrepreneur, Diablo IV has been able to turn him into a fanboy. This might be among all the top-tier achievements Diablo IV has achieved in the year. And for a perfect gaming experience, players need an ideal gaming setup. And turns out, Musk has that figured out as well.

The SpaceX chief loves to recommend Diablo IV to his MIT friends! 

Lex Fridman, the host of the Fridman podcast who recently made headlines for taking the revolutionary interview of Mark Zuckerberg through Metaverse photorealistic technology, is a dear friend of Elon Musk from MIT. Both the batch mates have evidently shared a lot of common ground of interests with each other. 

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Taking this a step ahead, Musk did what is nothing less than every gamer’s moral obligation. Recommending your favorite title to your friends. Enter Diablo IV.


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Here’s Elon fighting demons in Diablo a while back. He convinced me to try it out. I love it. It somehow is a great stress reliever. I’m a level 52 whirlwind barbarian. If anyone wants to play, let me know,” Fridman posted, sharing the most-awaited picture, the gaming setup of Elon Musk.

Adding to the conversation, Elon Musk also gave an interesting reply to the post. He shared another picture with some insights on his ongoing progress in the game. “Great game, one that is remarkably complex in interesting ways at max difficulty,” he replied. Checkout the complete post below:

The man hailing the world of Blizzard Entertainment isn’t something new for the community. 


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Elon Musk and his evergreen admiration for Blizzard’s masterpiece 

This isn’t the first time the popular title has been a subject of Musk’s attention. In the initial days of the franchise’s fourth installment launch, he revealed his character name in the game. Remember “IWillNeverDie”

The ironic name from the game had also caught the attention of Blizzard’s president. He wanted to look into the entrepreneur’s in-game statistics and see if the name actually did justice to his performance. Also, back in August, he had tweeted praising the makers of the game.


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So, there have been plenty of Musk’s fanboy moments for Diablo IV. Moreover, this cool gaming setup might be the icing on the cake for an ultimate gaming experience. 

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