16-Year-Old Ultimate Street Fighter V Champion Wins the Tournament and People’s Heart With a Boss Move

Published 11/15/2022, 8:30 AM EST

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A 16-year-old Street Fighter V gamer has stunned the world with his gaming skills. He featured in a bold move after winning the tournament, which became an iconic moment. What he did was not something fans were expecting, but he gave a reasonable explanation later on Twitter. 

Plus, his performance caught the attention of thousands as he wrecked professional Street Fighter V players at the Ultimate Fighting Arena. He made his way through the winner’s bracket, defeating the Frech pro Valmaster in an epic duel.


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EndingWalker, the 16-year-old, later won hearts as well as the cup and the cash prize. However, his bold move stood out, becoming an important date in the Street Fighter community. 

EndingWalker stuns fans after taking a stroll post Street Fighter V duel at the Ultimate Fighting Arena

The past weekend was a delight for Street Fighter V fans as they experienced some of the best games in time. Top European players featured in the brackets, fighting for glory. Big names like Valmaster, Angrybird, Punk, and others made their appearances through the weekend. 

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However, it was a 16-year-old that took away everyone’s attention as he defeated Valmaster’s Chun-Li in the finals. EndingWalker, playing as Ed, wrecked his opponent in the final bracket. He then simply got up and left the podium without saying anything to anyone. This was one of the strange moments no fans expected, but were happy to experience it. 

After all, it was a savage move, just like the ‘mic-drop’ after saying something very cool. However, EndingWalker later uploaded a tweet talking about this moment, as he did not believe it to be real.

Here’s what he said, “Me walking off the stage after grand finals because reality hadn’t kicked in XD I had an amazing time at the venue. The staff was super friendly & helpful, as was everyone! I just got a bit overwhelmed in the end, which is why I left kinda quickly after winning. I had a great time!”


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It is important to understand that it was just his second tournament appearance. In his first, EndingWalker placed third, losing to some of the maestros of the game. However, this time things were different, as he had a perfect weekend from start to end.


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Lastly, his bold move caught the attention of popular FGC host Tyrant, who called him out for being the “Future of UK street fighter.” So, it is safe enough to say that EndingWalker is finally in the big leagues!

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