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Even After Raking in $275,000 Per Month, Upcoming YouTuber Reveals Why David Dobrik Left YouTube

Published 05/26/2023, 8:55 AM EDT

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Do you know the dark truth behind David Dobrik leaving YouTube? And no, it’s not Doughbrik’s pizza.

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David Dobrik is one of the biggest content creators in the scene. Fans primarily know him for his relationship with fellow YouTuber Liza Koshy. The duo was always considered an internet sensation, reserving a place in every fan’s heart. But then, the two fell apart, with David starting fresh on his own. With the popularity as a backing, Dobrik instantly shot up his YouTube subscribers, being one of the favorites. 

But then came a time when he called quits on the platform, claiming to focus on Doughbrik, his recently opened pizza place. However, people failed to understand the business bit of it, as the YouTuber had already earned a fortune from Snapchat. So, was it really the pizza joint that made him quit? 


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Why did David Dobrik leave YouTube and rise to fame on Snapchat? 

We all are aware of Snapchat. It is that one app that allows you to chat with people using photos/snaps and make things fun. But again, users fail to understand the power of it. Similar to TikTok, the platform features ‘Snapchat Spotlight’ where creators can post shorts. And the proper understanding of content can get you to unimaginable levels. 

That’s what David Dobrik did. He started off with the spotlight, then moved on to other features. Not to forget, media houses also used his stories for Snapchat shows, another feature only limited to certain users. 


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And last but not least, Snapchat paid creators enough to spam their audience. Today, creators stand out with a star under their name, the creator spotlight. This allows them to highlight themselves on the feed, let alone grab millions of views. According to fellow YouTuber JT Casey, David Dobrik averages between 1-3 million views a day. And to shed light on the money earned, it’s somewhere around $25-$120,000 per video (short).


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To sum all up, it is safe enough to say that David’s pizza place can’t be the only reason he decided the quit as numbers speak. Compared to his $275,000 per month from YouTube stands nowhere near the cash bagged from Snapchat.


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But the real reason is, how far is this true? Is Dobrik earning the amount revealed or is it much more? For now, it is Tejas Huller, a budding YouTuber, who believes it. But until David reveals, this acts as the foundation.  

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