“Everybody Gangsta Till Gran Steps In” – New Nintendo Switch Sports Showcase Proves That Anyone Can Be a Gamer

Published 11/15/2022, 2:30 PM EST

Nintendo games are known for their inclusiveness. Most of the titles on Nintendo consoles are made appropriate for every age group. Which is why it holds such an important place in almost every gamer’s heart. As every gaming enthusiast has at least one memory of their childhood with a Nintendo game. 

But what about the gamers on the other side of the spectrum? Gaming studios often leave behind the veterans of society in terms of games. Some might not identify senior citizens as a target demographic for their games. But Nintendo is not one of them. Their games are truly for everyone. 


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With a brand new commercial, Nintendo has proven this fact. Their clever marketing vision truly seems to have hit the nail on the head this time. The most ‘ignored’ demographic in the gaming world takes the spotlight in the latest Switch Sports video commercial, showcasing that anyone can be a gamer in the world of Nintendo. 

Gram dominates in Nintendo Switch Sports

In the Latest video commercial of Nintendo Switch Sports, Nintendo has made an innovative choice by featuring a veteran as the player of the game. In the commercial, the senior woman flexed her crazy skills in the game, scoring perfect scores all around the board. Showing cool collections of outfits in the game. 

With this commercial, Nintendo proved their games are actually for everyone. And the fans were also appreciative of the new-age thinking of the gaming studio.

But the internet being the internet couldn’t just miss a chance for a good old fashion sarcasm. As the comments of the commercial get filled with hilarious comments such as “Everybody gangsta till gran steps in”, “Gram then hops into Splatoon 3 and dominates there too.”, and more!

The upcoming games on the Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox

As the year is on its way to wrapping up, here’s the list of games about to come out in the last few days of this month: 


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  • November 15: The Bounty Huntress (Switch)
  • November 15: Bravery and Greed (PS4, XBO, Switch, PC)
  • November 15: Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality + The Lonely Assassins (Switch)
  • November 15: Dysmantle: Underworld (Switch)
  • November 15: Garfield Lasagna Party (PS5, PS4, XBX/S, XBO, Switch)
  • November 15: The Kingdom of Gardenia (Switch)
  • November 15: My Universe: Pets Edition (Switch)
  • November 15: RWBY: Arrowfell (PS5, PS4, XBX/S, XBO, Switch, PC)
  • November 15: Smurfs Kart (Switch)
  • November 15: Jigsaw Fun 3-in-1 Collection (Switch)
  • November 16: Cardfight!! Vanguard Dear Days (Switch)
  • November 16: Super Chicken Jumper (PS5, PS4, XBX/S, XBO, Switch)
  • November 17: The Awakening of Mummies (Switch)
  • November 17: Chompy Chomp Chomp Party (Switch, PC)
  • November 17: Extinction Eclipse (Switch)
  • November 17: The Lost Labyrinth (Switch)
  • November 17: My Fantastic Ranch (PS5, PS4, XBX/S, Switch, PC)
  • November 17: Q Remastered (Switch)
  • November 17: Starsand (PS5, PS4, XBX/S, XBO, Switch)
  • November 17: Wobbledogs: Console Edition (Switch)
  • November 17: World Class Champion Soccer (Switch)
  • November 18: Adventure Academia: The Fractured Continent (PS4, Switch)
  • November 18: Finding Paradise (Switch)
  • November 18: Heidelberg 1693 (XBX/S, XBO, Switch)
  • November 18: Pid (Switch)
  • November 18: Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (Switch)
  • November 18: Resident Evil 3 (Switch) – Cloud Version
  • November 18: Slime’s Journey (Switch)
  • November 18: Syberia: The World Before (Switch)
  • November 22: Just Dance 2023 Edition (PS5, XBX/S, Switch)
  • November 22: Saint Kotar (PS4, XBO, Switch)
  • November 22: Ship of Fools (PS5, XBX/S, Switch, PC)
  • November 24: A Building Full of Cats (Switch)
  • November 24: Cleopatra Fortune S-Tribute (PS4, XBO, Switch, PC)
  • November 24: Monmusu Gladiator (Switch)
  • November 24: Watch Over Christmas (Switch)
  • November 29: The Knight Witch (PS5, PS4, XBX/S, XBO, Switch, PC)
  • November 30: Astronite (PS5, PS4, Switch, PC)
  • November 30: Front Mission 1st (Switch)
  • November 30: Until the Last Plane (PS5, PS4, XBX/S, XBO, Switch)

(Upcoming games list Source: Gamerant)


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What do you think of this new ad by Nintendo? Are you excited about the upcoming games? Let us know.

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