Nintendo’s upcoming game Super Mario Bros. Wonder is really getting fans of the Jumpy plumber hyped. The game itself is looking pretty good; it looks like Nintendo has finally put some thought into developing a 2D Mario game.

Over the years, fans have been somewhat disappointed by the lack of innovation in these kinds of Super Mario titles. Super Mario Bros. Wonder is going to change that. If you are still not convinced, read on to learn everything new we noticed in a recent gameplay showcase of this Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Explore the new features of Super Mario Bros. Wonder!


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These new features of Super Mario Bros. Wonder will have you mesmerized with the gameplay. Let’s have a look!

1. A new kingdom and characters with dialogue

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is set in the Flower Kingdom, and this new kingdom no doubt looks pretty exciting. As a location, this might just give fans a much-needed change from the mushroom kingdom that has been at the center of most Super Mario games over the years.

Over that, it is pretty exciting to see that the characters in this game finally talk. We saw Luigi as he jumped over obstacles in the Flower Kingdom. We also noticed a flower that was actually talking, albeit through a thought bubble. This would really give these characters an interesting dynamic.

2. Elephant flower in action

The next thing that was very exciting in that video was the elephant flower. Luigi turns into an elephant and moves through the level, destroying the blocks like they are nothing. The interesting thing is that he does not have any problem jumping high in that form.

3. Wonder Flower and its wonders

Eventually, elephant Luigi makes his way to a wonder flower; these are the flowers this game is named after, and rightfully so. They have the potential to change the whole game for a limited time. This time around, Luigi finds himself in a world where green pipes have a mind of their own. They slither line snakes, allowing for much more dynamic movement.

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In another instance, when Luigi touches a wonder flower, the world changes and stars start raining. Luigi just runs across the level, collecting coins and breaking huge barrels.

4. Golden Barrels have coins in them

Once Luigi clears that course, he is led to a new level where we notice some huge golden barrels. They have coins in them, and Luigi is able to bust them like they are nothing, all thanks to his newfound strength as an elephant.

5. A little thief


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Then we are introduced to an interesting new enemy who steals items. First, it steals coins, and then it goes ahead and simply steals the Wonder Flower. Luigi has to chase it and knock it out to get that stuff back.

The game is evidently not afraid to throw interesting challenges at its players, which is a commendable thing.


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While these things are exciting enough, we have a feeling that maybe Nintendo is holding much more back. And let us not forget that special edition Switch OLED. We cannot wait to discover it all when Super Mario Bros. Wonder actually launches in October.

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