A while ago, fans of the Mario Kart series requested Nintendo to release a new game. As Mario Kart 8 Deluxe itself was just a Nintendo Switch port of its Wii U self, this request was taken seriously by Nintendo. Even though they did not release any information on a new and upcoming game, they did announce a Booster pass for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

This Booster pass promised six waves of new content released every few months. And the fourth wave of this expansion pass has recently launched.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Expansion Pass Wave 4 brings numerous new courses!


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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe fans eagerly waiting for the 4th wave of this series of content updates have finally gotten it. And this new wave brings with it eight new courses to keep fans of the game indulged in this exciting gravity-defying Kart racer!

These eight new courses of wave 4 would be part of two newly introduced cups, one is named Fruit Cup while the other is named Boomerang cup. So, here we list every track that is included in these cups.

Fruit Cup

Tour Amsterdam Drift: This course is inspired by the beautiful city of Amsterdam, and was first introduced in the mobile exclusive game Mario Kart Tour.

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GBA Riverside Park: First featured in Mario Kart: Super Circuit, it is a vibrant jungle-themed course in which you race on a path paved through lush trees and waterfalls!

Wii DK Summit: It is a Donkey Kong-themed track that looks like it is set in the jungles where the hulky protagonist of the platformer series resides. You would see hills and some other familiar sculptures!

Yoshi’s Island: This Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island-inspired track has you racing through beautiful landscapes with groovy music.

Boomerang Cup

Tour Bangkok Rush: Another track pulled from Mario Kart Tour, but this one features the beautiful landscapes of Bangkok!

DS Mario Circuit: This Mario course is set mostly in Princess Peach’s castle. If nothing else, this can be the reason for you to try this track out!

GCN Waluigi Stadium: For all the Waluigi and Mario Kart: Double Dash fans, this track would be nothing new, but we know they would love to race through this familiar yet fun course once again.


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Tour Singapore Speedway: One more Mario Kart Tour track and this one is based in Singapore!

Aside from these tracks, this latest wave also adds Birdo as a playable character.


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For those who do not see worth in spending money on this Booster Pass, another way to get it is to subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online+Expansion Pass and they would get it free of cost!