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Everything We Know About Fortnite Chapter 5 So Far

Published 11/20/2023, 9:24 AM EST

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Fans are currently neck deep in the Fortnite OG season. All the knick-knacks from the game’s initial seasons have made a comeback, leading to the return of a number of Fortnite’s original fans. But there’s yet another reason to rejoice. Its next chapter.

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Chapter 5 is fast approaching, and without a doubt, it will bring a bunch of changes to the game. After all, it’s what this game thrives upon; keeping things fresh for its fans. Based on the infomation shared on social media from various insiders, here’s everything known about Fortnite Chapter 5.

Fortnite Chapter 5 brings a number of changes to the map.


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This time around the map will have four biomes:

  • Chaparral,
  • Boreal Forest,
  • Grasslands,
  • Forest.

These would contain 11 named locations: Abandoned Mansion, Abandoned Ruins, Costal City, Grand Glacier Hotel, Marina Town, Mountain Village, Orchard, River Capital, Rural Village, Society Estate, Tennis Club. Finally, these locations would have around 30+ unnamed locations.


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Fortnite is getting new game modes

While the map is an obvious change, there’s something that fans might not have expected to see at all! Fortnite will get three new game modes:

  1. Fortnite Rocket Racing: This is said to be a Fortnite racing mode but with added Rocket League mechanics.
  2. Lego Fortnite: This is basically a Minecraft-like builder mode but with Legos.
  3. Fortnite Festival: This is going to be a rhythm game where players play through the game while matching their actions to the music playing.

Gameplay mechanics

Players will now be able to wall-run and wall-kick. It looks like Epic Games is turning this game into a full-on brawler. Weapons will now have attachments, which will have an additional slot in inventory. These attachments would be for one of three things:

  • optics,
  • accuracy,
  • recoil.


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There are rumors that this new chapter will bring first-person mode to Fortnite. Further, it is also being said that ice is now an element that spreads through the map. It will make things slippery, and players can thaw it using fire.

Ice grenade launchers and ice grenade launchers will also allow players to cover the ground with ice.


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If all of these things turn out to be factual, Chapter 5 would be something of a revolution. There has not been a season lately that has changed the game so drastically.

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