Everything You Should Know About the Upcoming Nintendo Switch Game Fire Emblem Engage!

Published 01/19/2023, 9:50 AM EST

Fire Emblem Engage is just a day away from release. Every Nintendo Switch owner is very excited about getting their hands on this upcoming tactical RPG strategy game, as this game is already getting a number of positive reviews from some big publications.

For those still not convinced if they should buy this game or not, here are some of the features that stand out the most. Features that can make your decision to buy this game a little easier!

Fire Emblem Engage features over 30 playable characters


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In Fire Emblem Engage, players would be able to meet, befriend and fight alongside over 30 different characters. Each of those characters would have their own personality and unique backstories.

All these characters would belong to numerous different classes, from cavalry units to sword fighters.

The more players use a certain character, they would level up and in that way, you would even shape how they fight in future battles!

Battling in Fire Emblem Engage

The main pull of the Fire Emblem series of games is its robust battle feature. Players play in a huge grid-based arena, where they tactically plan their actions and attack accordingly. But before getting into those fights, players would need to carefully select their team and their equipment.

Players then, one by one, use their allies to move around the arena and choose to either attack or guard each character. And once the player’s team is done with its plan of action, it’s the enemy’s turn.

This goes on till one of the teams is completely defeated.

Leveling up your team

The more a player uses certain characters in battles, the more XP they earn, and once they have earned a sufficient amount of XP, they level up. Defeating an enemy provides them with even more XP. The best strategy would be to use a mix of powerful and weak allies to defeat enemies, so those weaker allies can level up faster.

Aside from leveling up, players have the option to use various items to strengthen their allies, as well as certain weapons. The smallest of things can give players an edge in some hard battles.

Players can even change the class of their ally units. This requires certain items, but it can give you a very strong new ally to fight with.

A growing bond


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The more your allies fight together, the more they would converse with each other. These conversations would involve certain characters just encouraging their pals to do better, and this conversation can do wonders sometimes.

And if you put two allies who share a connection side by side during a battle, they would get a stat boost during that battle.


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These were some of the pointers from the upcoming Fire Emblem Engage that every fan should be aware of. The game would be making its way to Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023. The leaks are still floating online, so it is recommended that fans try and stay away from them for at least one more day!



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