Excited Fans Share Their Experiences of the New Call of Duty Role Call Website

Published 11/23/2021, 9:05 AM EST

Discover your role in the squad! Are you a protector, reviver, slayer, or survivor? Find out on the new Call of Duty role-call website. Recently Call of Duty has created this official website that runs a comprehensive analysis of players’ roles in the game and in their squad. It also creates personalized reports to determine the role using K/D and other aspects of the player’s profile.


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There are a total of 16 categories and the process of finding the role is rather straightforward and simple. From slayer to sidekick, what do you think you are? Let’s find out.

How to find your character on the Call of Duty Warzone role-call website?


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The role-call website is like those fun and interesting quizzes we all used to take back in the day. Remember those online quizzes that told us which Hogwarts house suited us? Well, this is what this role-call website does, basically. To find out your role, follow these simple steps-

  • First, head over to the Call of Duty role-call website and click on ‘Find out.’
  • After this, simply log into your account. You can also sign in using your Activision account.
  • And that’s literally it. The official website by Call of Duty will automatically analyze your statistics and other details to give your role. There is a defined category for each player so that you can analyze your gameplay and your role in the squad.

The majority of the players are getting the Survivor role. Basically. it’s the most common one out of all the 16 categories. As the name suggests, survivors are those players who manage to fight till the last moment. Those players who have never had to leave the game too early or who manage to save themselves from the enemies every single time.

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Players are quite excited to share their experience about which character they got. Twitter is flooded with all the tweets of characters players are getting from this role-call website. Let’s have a look at some of the characters.

As expected, survivors are the most common ones.

Some players are getting something totally new, just like this one.

You’re a Tank! Tank is someone who takes all the damage and still manages to survive.

Another unique and exciting role is a fighter, the one who takes the fight to their enemies.

The results can be hurtful sometimes.

It’s always the teammates, isn’t it?


The one who does all the fragging.


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Attention everyone! Air striker is here.


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Have you tried out the website yet? Also, which role do you get? Let us know.


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