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Exclusive Interview – OnlyFans Joins Forces with Amouranth for Game-Changing OFTV Launch in 2023

Published 03/23/2023, 12:34 PM EDT

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Amouranth has revealed her next big project line, and fans are counting the days until its release.

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It is no secret that Twitch streamer Amouranth is always on the lookout to invest in multiple projects from time to time. She loves to diversify her content, be it OnlyFans, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, and more. The ASMR queen always sets the bar high, improving with every step she takes. For instance, she recently shot the first episode of the “P*MP MY S*IMP” show for her Twitch. There, Amouranth announced a date and a fully covered trip for the viewer that took away the first spot. And well, the community appreciated her for it, as she never missed a chance to look after them. 

Now, it looks like the ASMR queen has diverted her attention to a new set of things as she revealed enthralling secrets during the EssentiallySports interview.


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Amouranth might be onto a new OnlyFans project, so keep an eye out!

During the exclusive interview with EssentiallySports, the ASMR queen traded secrets about upcoming projects. While she revealed details about her boxing preparation and other doings, she stressed working with the OnlyFans team for a new drop. 

“I have been working on some other projects with OnlyFans. They want me to make videos for their production, OnlyFansTV. It’s like OFTV. It’s like YouTube.. a safer version,” she said, revealing all about it. Moreover, this made it clear that Amouranth had her entire day planned, per se for her next few months.


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Later in the interview, the Twitch queen also revealed that the show would be family-friendly. So, if you’re someone that considers themselves a die-hard Amouranth fan, watch out for this one!

Kaitlyn Siragusa x OnlyFans


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As we all know, Amouranth has had her fair share of profits from the adult site OnlyFans. To mention numbers, she’s claimed to have cashed out over $1.5 million monthly from the platform alone. Moreover, during her interview with the ‘My First Million’ podcast, Amo revealed to bag $40 million in 2022. Quite interesting, right?

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Well, there’s more to it. “Maybe like 40 million or something. Potentially well, finding out the only fans is way more lucrative than every other platform because even the OnlyFans competitors are either like two new or in Patreon’s case like driving away the girls,” she said while talking to the host. 


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So, while the odds fall in favor of the OnlyFans star, it would be exciting to see what she has planned for the community. 

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