“Twitch Really Doesn’t Have A Good Grasp On Its Own TOS”: Amouranth Exposes The Truth Behind Twitch’s Management Issues Shedding Light on Lack of Communication [Exclusive Interview]

Published 03/24/2023, 5:00 PM EDT

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Amouranth has blazed guns at Twitch over their harsh Terms Of Service, and it is something the fans would agree upon. 

The past couple of years has been troublesome for Twitch as it faced a major backlash from streamers. Creators complained about various problems on the platform, cutting down their hope and will to stream content for fans. For instance, Twitch streamers complained about strange guidelines such as unfit revenue splits, unnecessary bans, limitations of the content, and overall fan experience. And this wasn’t the problem of small-time streamers, as the industry leaders also shared similar views.

Now, we have another popular streamer, rather the queen herself, who feels the need for Twitch to revamp its TOS. Amouranth considers it to be extremely harsh for streamers, giving them little space for a breather. 


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What did Amouranth say about Twitch’s Terms of Service? 

During an exclusive interview with EssentiallySports, Kaitlyn Siragusa dived deep into the world of Twitch. First, she revealed the story of how she signed a contract with the platform and then times when things started to go downhill. 


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Later, Amo also stressed the Amazon-owned platform’s TOS as she believed they could tone it down a bit. “I definitely feel that Twitch has a good grasp on its own Terms of Service, following through on them or upholding the same rules for everybody. But it is really complicated on how Twitch is recently built and run because a lot of the times the people at Twitch who are setting the policies are not the ones enforcing bans and suspensions to streamers,” she said. 

Adding to it, the ASMR queen also revealed about every streamer having an account manager who reports the news related to their channel. She broke the silence about going through times when none of them were aware of why the streamer received a ban, and all they could do was just wait. 


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“They just get told that the streamer that you’re managing is getting a suspension. It’s like you’ve received a warning for a general topic – s*xual content. But they won’t tell you in what way you were s*xual or that you crossed a line anywhere because they don’t know. They are not doing that to be an a**hole. It’s just that your account manager even wouldn’t know,” Amouranth revealed while sharing about her struggles. 

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While concluding the bit, the 29-year-old broke the silence of Twitch having a separate team for Trust and Safety, who take decisions of adding strikes, suspensions, and bans of streamer accounts. And what made it scarier is that Amouranth claimed their identities to be hidden, making it almost impossible to communicate. So, that makes us wonder whether Twitch would ever give proper reasoning before banning streamers in the future? 

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