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“expecting zombies… got depression instead”: HBO Hit-TV Series Leaves the Last of Us Fans in an ‘Emotional State’ With Episode 3

Published 02/01/2023, 1:10 PM EST

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Fans of HBO’s The Last of Us have had an emotionally draining week, as episode 3 was yet another gut punch. Although Tess’ self-sacrifice in The Last of Us occurred a week ago and your face is still covered in tear stains, a different kiss in this week’s episode sent viewers on an emotional roller coaster.

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In the third episode, there was an abrupt jump back to September 30, 2003, just a few days after the pandemic originally started. And before diving in, a word of caution. Spoil Alert for those who haven’t seen the episode yet!

Fans are in emotional ruin with the latest episode of The Last of Us


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The 2013 original game’s plot had to undergo some significant adjustments for the HBO adaptation, but these changes were all for the better.

The third episode of The Last of Us, “Long Long Time,” which focused on the romance between survivalists Bill and Frank, was extremely well-received by fans. It aired on January 29 and focused on the post-apocalyptic romance between actors Bill by Nick Offerman and Frank by Murrary Bartlett.


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In fact, Bill rejoiced at the end of the world. He constructed what he believed to be the ideal shelter for when things go wrong since he was a believer in a variety of conspiracy theories, and distorted beliefs, and was surrounded by firearms.

However, this episode demonstrates that having someone to live for, even for those who have buried themselves so deeply as Bill, makes all the difference.

Online sources of the episode have received largely excellent feedback, with viewers appreciating Bartlett and Offerman’s subtle performances as well as the way the relationship between the two characters was written.

“One of the beautiful things for me about this experience was being paired with Nick and finding that both of us wanted to just go there. Go to the places that the script asked us to go to, to be vulnerable, and to fill out what the script was asking us to do,Barlett disclosed to Complex.

Some even referred to the episode as the show’s high point thus far. Below are some of the best fan comments.


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The underlying idea is that; as humans, even at the end of the world, we shall maintain our humanity. On the premise that love isn’t something that happens very often these days, that point of view is built.

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