Exploring the Hottest TikTok Trends of Fortnite Season 2 With SypherPK After Its First Week in the Community

Published 03/19/2023, 12:50 PM EDT

Epic Games have released Fortnite’s second season for the fourth chapter a week ago. With more additions to the metaverse, players were seen enjoying what the game has to offer currently. There are new perks, weapons, and a stylish new POI, which has amassed popularity among players.

With creative 2.0 right around the corner, let us take a look at some of the trending content with Fortnite pro, SypherPK. These contents mainly include stylish gameplays, hilarious moments, and more that Sypher found funny.

Hot Fortnite clips that have topped the viral list in the past week


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Note that these clips are some of the many that have been creating waves of excitement in the metaverse community.

Among all the additions that were brought into the game this season, the Kinetic Blade has become a fan favorite. Many players were impressed with the mechanisms that the new sword has to offer. But what few players noticed was its stark similarity to Genji from Overwatch, and clips that pointed out this very aspect were circling around online. The similarities have been a talking point among the metaverse community in recent days.

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The pulse rifle and the pump shotgun have been ruling the Fortnite gaming clips recently. Many consider the rifle to be one of the best weapons currently in the game. And the Pump shotgun kills are bliss to watch.

Mega City is a brand-new POI that has stolen the hearts of many players. There were discussions about how a wholesome POI was introduced in the game after a long time. Amidst these, people were comparing the city to Grand Theft Auto. There were numerous videos surfacing online as well, that portrayed Fortnite characters in a Grand Theft Auto setting. SypherPK was impressed with some of the works that have hit the trending charts regarding unofficial pair-up.

One clip that should be addressed in regard to content creators in Fortnite is about TimTheTatman. He is a popular gaming streamer, but in Fortnite, Tim is infamous for something else. The aspect that he is popular for in the metaverse is his fall damage kills.

There have been tons of memes made on the same, and at a point, even Fortnite took a dig at this situation. But, Tim, this season got a kill in the same method. With the new Kinetic Blade, he was able to push a player off a building and got a kill in return. His excitement after getting the kill was too wholesome and is surely noteworthy.


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Finally, let us talk about the man himself. SypherPK got to witness himself among the viral clips of the week at two different points. One was regarding his height. That is, a video talking about how tall the Fortnite character avatars are. And according to the clip, Sypher is the shortest, being only 5’1″ while Peely was over 6 feet. Sypher was seen screaming that this was not the truth and that the metrics shown in the game were wrong.

Another one was regarding Chun-Li. SypherPK fans for sure know that Chun Li is one of his favorite avatars. Sypher was seen trying the Sweet Shot emote with the character, and it seems he really enjoyed it. Sypher was laughing while also being speechless when he reacted to this viral clip.


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Which was a trend that caught your eye among these? Share them in the comments below.



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