Fall Guys Brings the Ultimate Battle Royale Crossover With Fortnite and Rocket League

Published 07/02/2022, 9:50 AM EDT

When it comes to battle royale titles, some new offerings have really succeeded in catching players’ attention. Fall Guys is one such game that has managed to grow big among the fans since its release two years ago.


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In case anyone missed it, Fall Guys recently became free-to-play, joining the ranks of other hit titles that are absolutely free of cost. To celebrate its launch across different platforms, Epic Games has revealed an extravagant event based on the amazing game. And it features a stunning crossover event, Crown Clash, with two other F2P titles, Fortnite and Rocket League.


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Crown Clash event in Fall Guys with Fortnite and Rocket League: How to earn the rewards?

The Crown Clash is a collaboration event between Fall Guys, Fortnite, and Rocket League. Under this crossover, players will get to earn many rewards for a set duration in all three titles.


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In order to get the perks, they have to play Fall Guys and will receive the rewards in all three games. The event, which began on June 29, will last till July 11 this year. Speaking of the big surprises that players can get, then the Major Mancake skin in Fortnite is also included in this collaboration event.

When it comes to the requirements, these are the steps to follow in Crown Clash:

  1. Players need to download Fall Guys on their preferred platform (PC, Switch, PS, or Xbox).
  2. The account used for the game must be the same as the one linked with Epic Games’ Fortnite and Rocket League.
  3. When in Fall Guys, players need to complete five rounds to earn the rewards. They will have to play 10 rounds, 20 rounds, 40 rounds, 70 rounds, and 100 rounds, starting from June 29th till July 11th.

The big rewards of Crown Clash!

Now comes the part for which you have been waiting for. The five rounds under the event comprise the following surprises for the players:

  1. Rewards for playing 10 rounds: 300 Kudos for Fall Guys (the in-game currency), Stacked! Spray for Fortnite and Colorful Canines Player Banner for Rocket League.
  2. Rewards for playing 20 rounds: Additional 500 Kudos for Fall Guys, Stacked with Love Emoticon for Fortnite, and Colorful Canines Topper for Rocket League
  3. Rewards for playing 40 rounds: Additional 800 Kudos for Fall Guys, Sweet Clementine Pickaxe for Fortnite, and Med. Rare Wheels for Rocket League
  4. Rewards for playing 70 rounds: Additional 1,000 Kudos for Fall Guys, Waffler Back Bling for Fortnite, and Cluster Buster Deal for Rocket League
  5. Rewards for playing 100 rounds: Additional 1,200 Kudos (totaling 3,800 Kudos!) for Fall Guys, Major Mancake Outfit for Fortnite, and Fallout Boost for Rocket League

The rounds are basically the mini-games that the players will compete in during the full match. The good thing is that they have to just keep playing to get the rewards. There’s no need to qualify to make progress from one challenge to the other.

Once the challenges are finished, Fall Guys fans will receive the rewards in Fortnite and Rocket League as well. They will appear automatically in their respective accounts as long as they are linked with Epic Games.


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This event will surely appeal to the players who already love the battle royale category. This Crown Clash event is for them without a doubt.

Fall Guys is now available for free on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC via the Epic Games Store. What are your thoughts on the ongoing collaboration between the three popular games? Have you already entered this crossover?


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