Fall Guys Season 2 Travels Back to Medieval Times

October 9, 2020 11:55 pm

Mediatonic is back with Fall Guys newest season and a lot of things have changed in  Blunderdome. The party Battle Royale has seen an enormous rise in the lockdown period. Furthermore, it has broken records with its sales on Steam.

Even content creators have chosen to rage with jumping beans, leaving out other realistic games that hold bigger shares on the gaming market. In fact, most streaming platforms have shared very impressive numbers for Fall Guys streams.

Since the major success of the first season, fans of the game were waiting for the second season to come in. Season 2 is now officially live from today, and bean land has gone medieval.

In a PlayStation blog published earlier today, Joseph Juson, Level Designer, Mediatonic, explained everything that is new this season.

New rounds in Fall Guys Season 2

Apart from the new theme, come brand new rounds in the game. The most common complaint by players from Season 1 was the repetitive rounds. The current roster which people hate and love is going to stay as new ones will now be added. Here are the names of all the new rounds:

  • Hoopsie Legend (medieval makeover)
  • Knight Fever
  • Egg Siege (medieval makeover)
  • Wall Guys

Some of the existing rounds have been given a medieval makeover. Therefore, with things being mixed up, new objectives, and team games being added, Fall Guys Season 2 can be a serious winner.

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New costumes

With a new theme around, brand new costumes have also been added to the game.

“From adorable dragons and feisty knights to wondrous witches and mischievous wizards, our latest costumes are brimming with medieval mysticism. Plus, you can expect plenty of exclusive collaborations and crossovers to compete for your attention, kudos and well-earned crowns,” writes Joseph.

More updates

Fall Guys Season 2 is full of terrific changes that will work in making the game more fun in the long run. Firstly, there is the Show Selector that will let players skip team rounds if they desire. In team games, non-cooperating beans tend to destroy the fun for others. Players who play alone will definitely love this addition. There is a timer attached to the option suggesting new game modes will arrive with season progress.

Further to that, there will be more crowns for everybody this season. Even if you cannot get crowns by winning matches, just level up to collect crowns. A total of 21 crowns are waiting to be collected this season.

With the popularity of this game reaching definitive heights, devs will have to work hard to keep the player base interested in a party game. In addition to the competition that is already there, Fall Guys Season 2 is looking like a home run.



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