Filipina-American singer Bella Poarch has been a well-known personality in the industry. From her popular songs to trendsetting TikTok videos, the star is backed by a humongous following. Also, she stands as a close friend to Pokimane and Valkyrae, who are popular streamers. And the internet was taken aback by a recent revelation of Bella’s marital status.

Denarie Poarch is also known as Bella Poarch prominently as a reputed personality in the community. The star had risen to the popularity charts with her songs and TikTok videos. Notably, her collaboration with numerous streamers made the fans rejoice in her move. And it seems the community was left surprised after a revelation regarding her personal life.


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Fans were stunned and supportive after a personal life revelation about Bella Poarch unearths

Bella Poarch is a much-loved personality in the community. Notably, she has been known for a collaboration song video “Inferno” with many OTV (OfflineTV) streamers like Disguised Toast, Ludwig, LilyPichu, Pokimane, Sykkuno, and many more. Moreover, her song video “Build A B*tch” was one where she profusely collaborated with Valkyrae. And while the fans still tune into her songs for good vibes, they did back her when the news came of her filing for a divorce.

As tweeted by PopBase (@PopBase), “Bella Poarch has filed for divorce from secret husband after secretly being married for 4 years, TMZ reports.” Thus, it was known that Bella had been in a marriage for the past four years.

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However, she has filed for a divorce from her husband. Nevertheless, Bella was backed by the fans, who gave their word to support her. Moreover, some were also left stunned to know that she was married and had kept it a secret. To give a vivid view, here are the reactions of the fans to the tweet:

Thus, it can be known that the fans are acknowledging and backing her decision to do so. Though such news took them aback, it didn’t become a reason to not leave her at such a crucial time.

The duo had a surprise planned for the fans for this year’s Valentine

This year’s Valentine became a spectacle when Bella Poarch and Valkyrae dropped a costume photo shoot that the duo had. Bella Poarch went on her Twitter account to share the photographs. She said, “Who wants to get stepped on…any volunteers?😈” And attached some photographs of the two rocking themed costumes.


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Moreover, Bella went ahead to treat the fans as she made a whole website to share the behind-the-scenes clicks. The duo stole the fan’s hearts with this riveting collaboration. Above all, it seems that the fans do love the collaboration and friendship that the duo has.


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