Gaming was never the same after the release of Nvidia’s RTX GPUs. The high-performance premium Graphics Processing Units enabled gamers to witness games in unparallel resolutions. That is why Nvidia GPUs are a part of every gamer’s dream build.

But these high-quality cutting-edge processing units come with a catch, their price tag! The pricing of Nvidia GPUs has always been a topic of controversy in the gaming community. But still, the price of the new Nvidia RTX 4090 managed to pull the carpet under the feet of the fans.

What are the prices of the new Nvidia RTX GPUs? 


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After months of speculation following a series of leaks. Nvidia finally announced their first lineup in the RTX 40 -series at GTC 2022. According to it, the latest RTX 4090 will be available in the market from October 12, with a price of US$1599.

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Allegedly, it is twice as powerful as RTX 3090Ti in terms of procession speed and performance. Alongside this, Nvidia also announced the RTX 4080. While this didn’t have a confirmed launch date, it was said that it will launch at two different prices, due to there being two versions: 4080 16GB and 12GB. The 16GB version will cost US$1199 and the 12GB version will cost US$899 in the market.

These GPUs use Ada Lovelace cards, which have around 76 billion transistors, to deliver a smooth processing experience to the users. Nvidia had collaborated with TSMC to create a 4nm production process to manufacture these Ada Lovelace cards.

In the event, Nvidia has also announced that soon they will launch DLSS 3, which will bring further upgrades to the DLSS 2. Promising that it will work on 16K reference image. Which is a huge improvement compared to its previous versions.

How did fans react to the GPU prices?

The premium prices of the processors shell-shocked the fans. They quickly turned to their social handles like Twitter to express their thoughts on the price. Going through their responses, it was clear that the fans were hiding their pain with a pinch of sarcasm.

Some even said that they would buyt a whole new PC or even a car at that price! Twitter user Matheus aka @5deMarso said, “i rather buy an old car” in a post by Dexerto reporting the news about the New Nvidia GPU launch at GTC 2022.


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What are your thoughts about the price of the new Nvidia RTX 40-series? Do you think the price justifies the product? Let us know in the comments below.