We have great news for the FPS games. Yes, Ubisoft Montreal is probably planning to bring some action into the fans’ lives with their upcoming Far Cry title. However, there is a little twist. A leak mentioned recently that this Far Cry game will not be the franchise’s most-awaited upcoming title Far Cry 7. Instead, this game will be something completely new for the players. Excited already?

Now Far Cry franchise’s huge success is undeniable. This franchise’s games brought great entertainment for FPS lovers. But this time developers will make things extra hotter for fans by introducing a new element to their upcoming Far Cry title.

What is Ubisoft’s plan for this new Far Cry title?


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Recently, a trusted insider leaked that another brand-new project is probably brewing in the Far Cry franchise. And it is not Far Cry 7. In fact, according to this leak, the Far Cry franchise’s upcoming title is probably called Far Cry Project Maverick.

Not only that this title a completely new addition to the Far Cry franchise but this time developers brought a great change to its main FPS feature. Yes! Ubisoft is planning to make this game an extraction-based shooter multiplayer for the fans. 

In fact, developers took their idea of a brand-new project to the next level. This is because the Far Cry project Maverick will offer a fictional place in Alaska. This place might be referred to by the team as Alashnica. From Hideout to stashing the gathered weapons, the Far Cry series this new game will offer players to explore the action with their friends.

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After presenting single-player and co-operative campaigns, the Far Cry franchise will make its debut multiplayer FPS game with Project Maverick. Not only that but fans should be prepared for high risk and high reward with a threat of permanent death in the gameplay. This means with each death, players will lose all their weapons, gears, and gadgets. How realistic is that?


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What to expect from Far Cry: Project Maverick?

Although it is directly not coming from Ubisoft Montreal, a leak brought several mouth-watering information about Far Cry’s upcoming title. Apparently, the game will feature a story of players lured into the fictional Alaskan region. Although they were initially offered freedom, the true case is not that!

Following the franchise’s popular elements, players have to choose safe environments and try their perfect survival skills to make leather gears, build gadgets, and harvest plants that can cure their injuries. Being a true extraction shooter game, Far Cry: Project Maverick might offer the usual gameplay loop of purchasing items, making gears, and leveling up to unlock features. 


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If all this information is proven authentic, Far Cry will probably deliver a masterpiece to the fans. Therefore, FPS lovers can keep an eye on Ubisoft’s announcements to find out when the game will be released. Although many believe the Alpha stage might appear in 2024, the game will make its complete appearance in 2025.

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